So excited haven't weighed this since school

I've been on this weight loss journey since about the 18 th of February this year and I'm not denoting some days have been really hard but well worth it I started at 13-10 and today I weigh 10-13 just 7 lb off my target I have been quite strict with my self and walked a lot each day just to boost my calories and I use mfp to log every thing that passes my lips so no chance of missing any thing or cheating that's the key to be honest with yourself because if you cheat you only knock yourself back longer and find it harder at times good luck to you all on this journey it is hard but you will get there keep counting every calorie and you will win and also I take a lot of medication and have a lot of health issues this is why I started my journey and I do feel much more energy etc good luck to you all out there Lizzo


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  • Well done! Just joined this and saw what you wrote just wondering how tall you are as I am 13.10 I've lost a stone since Jan and seem to have stuck so any tips would be greatly appreciated also how many calories do you have and what exercise do you do? Thanks

  • I'm only 5ft 1 and the only exercise I do is a lot of walking about 400 mins a week as I walk everywhere I have a stepometre which counts ure steps and I only eat about 1200-1300 calories a day and I don't really take any saturated fat in anything only once in a Chinese and about 15 chips with mushy peas from chip shop once and I have cut out coca cola as I use to drink 3 litres per day and haven't had any that was reAlly hard to give that upi felt so ill for 3 weeks good luck with your weight loss let me know how u get on Lizzo

  • Well done. What a lovely success story.

  • Thank you linggirl

  • Well done, it's such a great feeling when we reach different goals, your next one will feel even sweeter and you deserve it x

  • Thank you baby legion

  • You're doing brilliantly Lizzo, it's a great feeling to be in control of your eating isn't it? You sound like you have a very healthy new eating and exercise life style now in place.

    Best wishes for the next few pounds to come off to get you to your target.

    Ros xx

  • Thank you ros your right feels fantastic to be in control of your eating habits and now it's not ruling me as I have struggled for years thank you for your lovely comment x lizzo

  • Brilliant! Well done! What an inspiration x

  • Than you x

  • Brilliant, well done 👏👏

  • Well done that great to hear, I've got from nearly 28st down to 21st 6lb I've got another five stone to go before my operation. so keep up the excellent work that you have put in look forwards when you have lost the rest of your weight. i'm Alan

  • Thank you and good luck on your journey to take everyday as it comes and do your best lizzo

  • many thanks Lizzo367 it's been a long road but its been worth it to say i'm half the man i was is an understatement and to drop three suit sizes from a 56 to 52 i think there a bit more i can do the only hard part of it is because i'm disabled exercise is limit to only walking the other reason to lose the weight is that i have an operation to got through and i need to lose another five stone to have the Hernia done otherwise it could mean that my life is over but with doing things the way the doctor has said i'm not far off. it been amazing how many people that replied back and like me stuck with the slim-fast even thought i'm a diabetic it's been a long road but i can see the winning post soon take care thanks for your reply Alan

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