which gym?

Ive pretty much finished my 5 years at university studying architecture and I cant wait to get the weight off that I have piled on studying. I have a decent job lined up starting next week and as soon as I get my first pay check I want to sign up to a gym. I have a choice of 2 on my work journey: a David Lloyd one and 'All seasons' which I think will be like a council run one but the website says charity run. Anyway I just wondered what people thought is it worth splashing out on a better gym in order to stay motivated a bit longer (and they have a steam room for a friday afternoon treat!) or is it best to keep the extra money in your pocket and go to the crappier one? I dont know if the novelty will wear off with a fancier gym or not. :/ only ever been a member of the uni gym which I havent made time to go to since january.


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5 Replies

  • It depends on what facilities they offer. I might be more motivated to go to one which had a pool because I like swimming but if I am just going to be doing the same exercises then I would opt for the cheaper one and use the difference in price to pay for other fun exercises like another class somewhere else or an ice skating session or a personal training session just to keep it varied.

    Enjoy whichever you choose!

  • The reason I only have a choice of 2 is because they are the only 2 with pools. The DAvid Lloyd one has everything but I would only using the swimming and gym facilities I think. A class or 2 like weights/aerobics/pilates would be nice but they are all after 8 at the cheaper one and I intend to go 5-6. Darent go into David Lloyd to quickly ask about their classes cause it certainly wouldnt be quick. :)

  • I think you can look up DL classes online

  • oh right I'll take another look thanks

  • unless you need the swimming pool etc try for the cheapest gym you can. I have a choice of about 4 gyms under £20 a month. I didn't choose the cheapest but one that was slightly more expensive, but still under £20 because it has a steam room which I like to use after a long run (instead of having a hot bath). All the gyms I visited had all the 'normal' equipment, and classes etc

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