I need to lose 4 stone too

I suffer with MS daily and had to give up work over 5 years ago and just sat on my backside and ate. It was all a comfort thing until at last I knew weight gain was all down to me. My husband has put up with me for too long. He had rebought almost everything for me to wear and given up suggesting we should go out for ameal. NHS weightloss has given me the tools I need to turn my life round again and I do not have any excuse not to.


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8 Replies

  • No excuses! Go for it! You can do this! Small steps! Healthy eating! Good luck!

  • Need to follow my own advice now! But have really enjoyed my week in Spain! Lovely sunshine, lots of walking but lots of food too! Just a couple of pounds to lose to get back on the straight and narrow! Have done it before - so can do it again!

  • Good to want to change. Go for it. You will be fine. Your life will be fantastic

  • I'm inspired by your post fat_gill. I don't want to call you that though!!

    I'm inspired because you're taking responsibility and I need to keep reminding myself to do that.

    I don't know you so please don't take this bit the wrong way: Please please change your name. I guess it's meant to be ironic but when we call ourselves names it kinda sticks--i.e. it's not what we want to be. Plus we really can't call you that on the forum.!!

    Let us all know how you progress and share your thoughts.

  • OK that was stupid name before I started to diet. Now I am dropping the excess pounds I think Hope full Gill would be better.

  • Hi hopeful gill... Pleased you've changed your name.... Or at least thinking about it. It's amazing how we all find ways to beat ourselves up!

  • Well done in taking the decision to take control of your life. I hope you succeed and reach your goals. Take it one day at a time, slowly and surely you will get the results you want. I understand what Dollyfrog is saying, a positive self image is the way forward, when I began my new healthy eating I stuck a photo of myself looking like a big dollop on my fridge but a friend suggested it would be a more positive message if I found a photo of myself when I was happy with the way I looked, I took her advice and now each time I look at the photo it gives me the extra push to lose weight, especially on those days when I'm not feeling too good about things. Good Luck.

  • Hello fatgill! I suppose you think of yourself like that at the moment but that name won't apply to you once you get going. The weight gain is down to the you who has lost control. It's a new start in your life now and some things you just can't change (like M.S.) but your weight is something you can do something about.

    Your hubby sounds a prize so he is someone to treasure. It's not just for your happiness that you are losing weight for but his too. I've had R/R M.S. for over 15yrs now so I've got something else in common with you. Keep in touch as the forum is such a help for us all. :)

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