Here I go AGAIN!!!

New start yesterday AGAIN after few bad weeks. According to my MFP app if I continue eating as I did yesterday then in 5 weeks time I should be out of this stone I'm in now and only 2lb short of going into next stone. I SO wish that was true and that it would be that easy, I know if you put your mind to it then it is possible to lose over a stone in a month. 5 weeks isn't that long to keep eating within calorie allowance, so why can't I do it??? I don't have problem with exercise just overeating!!!


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  • Make sure you keep a record of what you are eating. Analyse it at the end of the day. Maybe try a smaller plater for your meals. Reduce your sugar intake. You will be ok. It will sort itself out.

  • Thanks nhs2015 I always found Rosemary Conley club food plan the best and have just got the booklets out again. I'm following the daily menus but also putting the suggestion meals onto MFP which is matching up with calories recommended. So fingers crossed this time by using both of these I'll achieve my goal.

  • Personally I would stay away from low fat diets, or any diets which are a commercial business. Low fat Diet usually have more sugar to make up for flavour.

    You may be better off changing your way of eating so that it becomes an habit and can be sustained. I am doing the NHS 12 weeks weight loss program. It is free and teaches you good eating habits.

    Good luck on your journey. It is exciting and so rewarding.

  • thanks, while I'm focused I'll keep going - see what I weigh

  • Hello Jenica, I agree with nhs2015, the 12 week plan is really very good, it makes you aware of what you are eating and teaches you the importance of reading food labels. I've also discovered some really tasty recipes and new ways to cook some of my favourite foods. All the best hope you find something that works for you.

  • Thanks Jenever, Think I've been there, done it with all recipes/plans, I've always read labels so thats not a problem, bit obsessed about additives etc but at moment I'm focused so will keep at it. Know it probably seems daft but I haven't found 12 week plan menus ??

  • Life sucks... Some times and you have to adhere and move on, good luck, we can do it xx 😜

  • It is difficult to change habits but you can do it. I have gradually altered a number of things and now my body seems to be adjusting. I have cut out pasta, potatoes and cut down on bread. If I eat rice I have replaced it with brown rice and I I a lot more chicken and fish. Healthy snacking on fruit instead of biscuits. Stay positive you can do it :) don't let a bad day or two put you off just start again. I wish you lots of luck. Believe in yourself x

  • No one said it was going to be easy Jenica! What are you overeating? When do you do it? Why? Questioning yourself helps and sometimes puts the brakes on. Just remember It's not just an eating plan for a short time but for life. You'll put it all back on otherwise. :(

  • Evening is my downfall, boredom probably but focused at moment.

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