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New on here :D

First post!

Trying to think if I should write a lot or a little, I'll probably just take baby steps.

I joined after seeing myself in the bus reflection glass and realising how much weight I've gained.

I went on my boyfriends scales this morning and I've gained over a stone, My weight has been steadily rising and now I need to find a way to manage it better.

My doctors has a group weigh-in on Friday so I'm planning on going to get a weight from them and then I will have a starting point for my weight-loss story.

Hope to meet and make new friends that are in the same boat as me.


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Good luck on your diet


Kaplan, looking at the mirror is a good thing. I remember looking at my face and thinking my eyes were getting narrower and smaller perhaps. My neck was sort of disappearing. I could not understand why my face was changing. Then I realised my face was growing around my eyes. After the NHS 12 weeks program, I have my old face and neck back. Just make sure you do it slowly so your body get used to it and things fall into places nicely.

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Thanks for your post I to want my.old face back


Best of luck with it :)


Good luck. Funny how a reflection can bring it home that need to shed extra weight.

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