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Starting again!!

Hi guys

I am starting the 12 week plan yet again. I have tried losing weight the lchf way but I have a permanent headache and I've not really lost much weight. I'm an just going to cut down and have less sugar and junk food hopefully this will help lose the weight. I was hoping to drop at least a stone at the very beginning as I have to go on a plane in 3 weeks and I don't want to ask for the belt extension yet again ha! I guess I will have to try for 7 lbs now!

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Hi Pauline,

Just saw your post, and wanted to welcome you back here as well. Have you seen the NHS weight loss pages? The 12 week structured plan is really good, and seems really healthy and well-structured. It is more like a 'lifestyle choice' than a 'diet' - I look on it as a healthy eating plan.

Good luck with your goals, and have a great week.

Lowcal :-)


Thanks lowcal i have looked at them and i am going to really try and what a great incentive than going on holiday in a couple of weeks xx


Hi Pauline55,

I was just wondering how you got on with your weight loss goals, and also whether you enjoyed your holiday.

Hope everything has gone well.

Lowcal :-)


LCHF doesn't suit everyone, and you would need to research the effects of ketosis on the body. Headaches can be controlled by drinking something like a beef broth.

Cutting out sugar and junk food is always a good idea. I hope you weren't eating

them on your LCHF diet?


Hi penel i really did try lchf an yes im afraid i did have the occasional chocolate bar to try and ease the headaches of course! No joking aside i did try have a few squares of the 90% dark chocolate but it jus made me feel sick so i went back to ordinary but only had a small bar now and again. Is this why i dodnt succeed? x


Hi Pauline

LCHF diets can take time to get right. If it was a big change for you, it might be better to go for baby steps to start with. The NHS 12 week plan is a good place to start, to make sure you are making healthy choices. If you don't get some weight loss after 12 weeks, then perhaps have another look at LCHF.

This is one site I find useful, although you don't need as much protein as they suggest, unless you are body builder.



Hi penel yes ive had a look at that site but like you said baby steps im am tryimg the nhs 12 week plan as from two days ago but im limiting myself to the recommened amiunt of carbs which i understand is 130g a day so i will see how i do with that. Thanks for your help Penel. I will let you know how i get on when i weigh in x


Hi Pauline.

I am about to start the diet.

What difficulties did u have at the start middle and end of it?


Hi cyclist which diet are you asking about? The lchf diet or the 12 week NHS programme. I found the lchf diet easy at first but then i started getting really bad headaches and loss of concentration. I have just been for my diabetes MOT as i call it byt it really wasnt good news. Although my mmol has come down by 2 my cholesterol has shot up and now ive had to have my statins increased! So i am now following NHS programme but not doing very well with that either. My diabetes nurse has referred me to the Choose to Change programme so i am following NHS programme until i go for this appointment. I will probably keep to that even though i will be on Choose to Change. Hope this helps and good luck x


The headaches are what always get me.

Its the caffeine man. It's always the caffeine.


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