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Hey there ,

I was doing so well before I started my new job in a cafe which involves a lot of cooking so of course I want to taste it all ! None of which is healthy !

I Havnt gained any weight but I'm not losing either as im so tired and sore after work I Havnt been going for my runs ! But hopefully tomorrow il get back on track id love to hear how other people would deal with this situation ! Thanks :)

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Hey i understand completely! I do 12 hour shifts on my feet so makes it really hard to keep it going when so tired all the time, i find little and often works best for me. So on half days and days off ill do 10-20mins on the cross trainer 1-3 times depending on free time, and weights in front of the tv so i can sit comfortably while i do it, i also count steps so staying active at works well for that. Better you fit in a 10 min run 3 times a week instead of no runs if that makes sense, once you are used to the new job and routine im sure you will find what works best for you

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Don't worry too much about the exercise if you are tired. Once you are used to your new routine you can start the exercise again then.

In the meantime focus on what you are eating. Write down everything you are eating and this will make you more aware of what you eat and more likely to limit what you eat.

Good luck


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