Anyone want to join me?

I've only started 3 days ago and think it may be good to have someone I can do this alongside. If there's anyone who is trying to lose 2-3 stone and fancies having a buddy to support you and visa versa please let me know.


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  • Hi

    Well done for joining the forum. This is a great place to give and receive support. Lots of people are in the same position as you. Like you I've got a a few stone to lose. I'm on week 3 and I've lost4kg of the 10kg that is my first mini goal. I need to set myself little goals that seem obtainable.

    Good luck.

  • Congratulations on your decision!

    I'd love to join you. I'm six days into juicing. I'm looking to lose around 5 stone give or take if I can. I seem to be well on my way so far but it's hard considering my partner isn't super supportive (I've watched him order take out twice this week).

  • Let's do it. My name is Helen. I need to lose 2.5 stone. I've done it before but it's crept back on over the last 3-4 yrs. how about we message each other to keep ourselves motivated?

  • My name is Dani and unfortunately sitting at at BMI of 37. Ideally I'd like to get it down to 23 and that gives me about 5 stone to lose. A scary goal!

    Definitely Helen.

    A bit of motivation really goes down the right way to remind you why you're doing it and hold off the chocolate cravings!

    ...Tragic but I spent Thursday googling cakes. I don't even like cake. I actually had to meditate for half an hour just to stop myself walking into a restaurant and ordering half the menu! LOL.

  • Ok today's goal- no cake and at least 15 mins exercise -ok? I have scoliosis of the spine so am limited to what I can do but got Pilates class later for an hour

  • Do you enjoy pilates? I thought about trying as I have some problems due to a sports injury in my lower vertebrae.

    And definitely getting at least 1.5hrs. I've got my two puppies to walk when I get home and they take some walking! Lol.

    Have fun at pilates though!

  • It's brilliant if you have back pain. Try it

  • I'd love to join you. Today is day 1 for me & I have about 6 stone to lose to get to a healthy bmi (which is really scary). I slipped a disc in my back about 2 years ago & became depressed due to the pain I was in, I comfort ate & piled on the weight. I'm still in constant pain and have decided enough is enough, I need to lose the weight to help my back (I've got to stop feeling sorry for myself).

  • You're situation is similar to mine. You have to break the circle. Constant pain is awful but I try to concentrate on the positives. Try Pilates

  • I've never tried pilates but I will keep my eyes open for a class & give it a try. I try to get out for a walk everyday but I'm very slow & can't go far.

  • Pilates is slow and all about core strength which helps your back. If you feel too fat to do it a class, there a plenty of dvds

  • Hi I would like to join all the new starters on the quest to loose weight. I want to loose about 2 stone. I have previously joined weight watchers and rosemary conley classes both of which I have been sucessful with, but sadly I always seem to think I am cured and then put on the weight again. It is never over a short period of time, but then nor is losing it. I haven't yet weighed myself today but I did try on some summer trousers and shorts which are far too tight to wear. I am going to start using my fitness pal as a record of what I am eating. I am not going to allow myself to put this off any longer. The weight wont go unless I actually take action. After writing that I am feeling very scared. One good thing to remember is if you have a bad moment don't let it ruin the day/week. It is a SUMO - Shut Up, Move On moment. All the best Angela.

  • This group can really help you to get started

  • Looks like im jumping on the bandwagon! Looking at losing around 2 stone, I have a big family holiday coming up and i would like to feel a little bit more comfortable in my own body before i go! My willpower is shocking and more than likely will need lots of help and shouting at lol, i could do with a buddy, ill be starting this tomorrow!

  • Good luck with starting your weight loss effort. Send me a note if you need a kick up the bum

  • I would absolutely enjoy joining you on this hard journey, We all need the support that is where I am lacking.

  • Feel free. Just back from plates and was starving but grated 2 carrots and got hummus instead of biscuits and crisps

  • Keep strong, good job.

  • How are you getting on?

  • Today has been super hard. Got a tummy bug and the last thing I want is vegetable juice. Would kill for plain rice but it's not in my list. Nevermind. How is everyone else doing?

  • One day at a time. I've just been to tennis and back not too sore

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