Post-workout meal

I've found that it is very important to have a HIGHLY nutritious meal after an intense of work-out, you're body has depleted its carb&fat stores and needs to repair and replenish your muscles which takes energy!

Today I cooked up this beast:

Diced mango chicken fillets with a stir fry of butternut squash, mixed pepper, onions and aubergines!

Its VERY high in lean protein&fibre, provides me with 2 of my 5-a-day and is also extremely yummy!

I'd love to add some new recipes to my repertoire...

What is your favourite post-workout meal?



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7 Replies

  • That sounds really yummy! I dont have a fave post workout meal, i normally have a light snack afterwards. Although a fave meal of mine atm is chicken marinated in whatever i fancy that day served with onions, peppers and garlic, with cous cous/noodles/or cauliflower rice depending on calories available. Can add extra veg and seasoning depending on what i feel like at the time :-)

  • Cous cous is amazing! I just find it hard to cook it so iusually just resort to rice.. how do you cook it normally?

  • Theres two ways i cook it, first is boiling water from the kettle into a bowl of cous cous, cover with a tea towel for 5 mins then long as its soft enough its ready. The other is in a saucepan with a stockcube, does tend to be a bit soggier when i do it this way as i use more water and boil it out. Keep trying til you find a way of cooking it that you enjoy

  • Quite similar to how I would cook rice! ithink i'll test both out and see which iprefer. Thank you ever so much!

  • I love a mango.

    We had cauliflower rice again today. (With garlic, ginger, red onion, chives, parsley). My husband made a chicken curry with a lot of sauce to go with it. He forgot to put the curry in it but it was good. A bit like a satay really. The only problem I have is to cut my portion but I am working on it.

    Yesterday we had coucous, vegetable and spicy mince. We have had 100g of coucous each (when uncooked), but again I need to cut that down a bit. For me anyway.

  • I have a problem with portion sizing too, what i've found is if I eat a small healthy snack an hour before dinner or even whilst im cooking (so im not tempted to keep tasting), I tend to put less on the plate.

    I've never tried cauliflower rice before, whats your recipe?

  • Hi Babykcal, if you key in Cauliflower rice in the search healthunlocked, there it is. It is delicious.. I like your idea of having a healthy snack one hour before eating.

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