week 19

Today I weighed in and I have lost 3 lbs which brings my total to 49 lbs. Just missed the 50 mark, but I am sure this will happen next week. I have been working so hard this week with my calories on point and exercising every single day. I am so proud of myself today :-) My eldest daughter told me today that my other daughter wants to tell me how proud she is as I have lost so much weight but she thinks it sounds cheesy so she hasn't said anything (Yet), but it's good to know. You know what teenagers are like. I am sure she will spill the beans soon enough LOL :-) another comment I received second hand was bloody hell your sister is half the girl she used to be (which is great :-) and last but not least a girl at work is giving me vibes because of the weight I have lost and doesn't want to talk to me. I would put that down to jealousy as she is a big girl herself. Since she has noticed my weight loss she just seems to eat more and more. Oh well onwards and downwards from here......for me. Good luck to all of you who are on your journeys and I wish you all the best x


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30 Replies

  • This is fantastic, you are so focussed which is brilliant - keep doing what you are doing, its obviously working really well for you - love your updates :)

  • Aww thank you Donnamm42. I love this journey this forum and they way I am looking and feeling. Good luck on your journey have a great week ahead hun :-)

  • Thank you for your support and kind words Dugonga. I think it is because she wants to find what I have found and that is belief in myself that I can and will succeed. Have a great week x

  • its great motivation when people start to notice. well done

  • Thank you so much Windswept1. I am well motivated my pants are slipping off me again. I love the changes. Have a great week :-)

  • Congratulations on your weight loss,your family are right to be proud of you and I hope you celebrate every pound you lose.Will watch for your posts and look forward to your 50 ! .

  • Aww thank you flossie358, family mean everything to me and to receive such feedback also motivates me even more. I look forward to posting 50 lbs if not more next week. Here goes....have a great week ahead x

  • Wow, well done trafford1! You are doing fantastically, keep up the good work:)

  • Hi sueper, love your name by the way. Thank you for your reply :-) NHS 12 WK PLAN and this forum have brought me a long way on my journey. The support is endless so thank you x

  • Well done keep focused you will reach your goal I am sure of it. Have a brill week😍

  • Thank you Chaseleecon8, I wish you a brill week too :-)

  • Hi Trafford1,

    Brilliant that you've lost 3 pounds this week, really well done! You're so close to your 50 pound total loss, and I'm sure you'll be there next week, all being well.

    Great that you have had so many positive comments from your family.

    Wishing you another great week ahead.

    Lowcal :-)

  • Hi Lowcal and thank you. This week has proved I can do it and I haven't stopped pushing to reach my goal I did think I would have made it to 50 lbs with all I have done, but all is not lost as I WILL see the results at my next weigh in I promise myself :-) that.

    Thank you Lowcal for your continued support hope you enjoyed your soup this week and got your run/s in :-)

    Your such an inspiration and so supportive to a lot of people here hun x

    Good luck for Monday I look forward to reading your post :-)

  • Well done!! you have done so well! You really should be so proud of yourself. Gotta love the positive comments your getting too. Its shame rather than being jealous she just doesnt ask you how you do it and get some pointers, but i guess we all make the decision to combat it at our own pace.

    Continue to stay positive and keep up the good work

  • Thank you fibronfedup :-) I am sure you are right I did try and talk to her about the how, but she wasn't interested and now she doesn't want to talk to me and I've known her for over 10 years. I'd love to pay it forward as they say in the biggest loser as I'm sure we all do.

    I am really proud :-) my daughters are proud my mum is proud my son's are proud too they have all noticed the difference. It's such a great feeling :-) I look forward to your post tomorrow hun..best of luck xx

  • Hey, you tried, thats all you can do, least she knows if she ever needs advice she can talk to you, the rest is up to her. So glad everyone is very proud of you and you are of yourself, good for you. Keep up the good work. Ill post my next weigh in in the morning, not sure how it will go as struggled to get back into the swing of things but will keep going as i wont give up :) Take care x

  • Wow! You are an absolute star and inspiration!

  • That's so nice :-) I am really happy to be an inspiration. Good luck on your journey linggirl x

  • that's a real inspiration to the rest of us, especially just starting on week one. well done!

  • Hi fiona101, thank you :-) If your just starting week one the best advise I can give to you is watch everything you eat and work out work out work out. The first week is where you will see the biggest weight loss. I wish you the best of luck on your journey, anything is possible and believing in yourself is the best medicine x Good luck hun :-)

  • Well done that is amazing!

  • Hiya vickster5 :-)

    Thank you so much for your support it really does mean a lot to me :-) how is your journey going ?

  • So dissappointed there is no picture on your post! FIFTY POUNDS,! Well done 😃 you need to reward yourself with something costing £50 a new outfit or a spa treat?

  • Hi Prin, thank you :-) I will be treating myself again soon enough. As far as a photo is concerned I think I will post one in week 26 like fibronfedup did and I look forward to doing so. Have a lovely week Prin

  • Trafford, this is just wonderful. What an inspiration you are! It is such a good feeling to know when someone did very well. So, how is the wardrobe going? Don't forget to paint your nails to match your smile. The world is your oyster now. Enjoy.

  • thank you nhs2015. I have some really nice outfits but they seem to be on the larger size now and can't decide what to wear. I have purchased some new clothes which do currently fit, but I will soon be out of these too. What I am finding is that when I get into the next size down I look great in them and then they start to look baggy so I have to wait it out till I lose more to get into the next size which is a good thing :-) I'm not used to it though so feels strange at times. I must admit I always paint my nails to match my mood and smile :-)

    Have a great week ahead nhs2015 and thank you for your kind words x

  • Amazing Trafford, all your hard work and dedication has paid off! You should be so proud of yourself! Compliments from family and friends are the best reward, and those that are negative, well as you said, are probs just jealous! Best of luck for the rest of your journey, more loss/maintaining, I'm sure you will succeed. Best wishes 🌸

  • Hi Anna999, thank you and yes hard work has paid off and comes with it's own rewards. I am still continuing my journey and have a mile stone to reach this week which will get me to that next half stone mark on the scale. I am chasing 2 lbs which will bring me to 51 lbs loss, so here goes to another week of hard work and dedication :-) fingers crossed.

    Anna I hope you have a great week and best of luck at your next weigh in hun x

  • Well done and congratulations. It must be absolutely great when people notice and comment on your weight loss, I'm really looking forward to that it must be a real fillip. All the best for the coming week.

  • Hi jenever, thank you :-) it is a great feeling :-) Hope you have such a great week too x

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