10 cal jelly

Ok so 10 calorie jelly won't fill you up but if it's boredom or stress that makes you reach for the cheesecake , then having low calorie jelly is worth a shot! Trying desperately to hide the feeling of hunger I have. Don't worry I'm not starving myself, I've had three healthy meals today plus fruit, it's just the drop in calories from my usual munch is leaving me feeling hollow....

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  • I actually love the low cal jellies. I think it is just the action of eating it as a snack that tricks my mind into thinking I've had a snack!

  • Oh I think they are really tasty don't get me wrong but without substance. I feel very hollow :-(

  • Have you thought about investing in a waist trainer?

  • Low cal jellies are great for a sweet treat, it can be a shock at first changing eating habits but you will get used to it, i found by drinking more i made my body feel fuller. Have you tried distraction when you start to feel hungry? I find it really helps, especially if its boredom snacking. Good luck

  • What did your 3 meals plus fruit consist of please Noahsmum?

  • Do you buy the pre made jellys?? I get the sugar free packets & make my own, it's less calories plus you get more, I then add chopped fruit when making it, I find it fills the hole a little more! It's a great idea if your craving something sweet..

  • I have mine with some low cal fromage frais as dessert.......

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