So I have being eating healthy and changing my eating habits for 5 weeks now, I have lost 5kg (with little to none exercise) I want to kick start my weight lose again as the past 2 weeks the scales haven't moved, ok I have eaten abit unhealthy but this week I am back on track and just wondering if any one has any good exercising tips? Bearin in mind I done 30 squats and couldn't walk the next day. Any help would be great full . Thank you.


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  • The kind of exercise you do really depends on how much weight you have to lose and what you actually enjoy! I like running so this is my main exercise and I mix in a bit of cycling/swimming/zumba. I know a lot of people go in for things like squats/sit-ups etc. but I find that really boring and repetitive and like you say, if it's not done correctly it can cause pain/injury!

    One of the best things you can do is walk! I used to catch a bus to and from work/uni everyday but now I walk which adds an extra hour/hour and a half exercise to my day. Is there any way you can fit in some extra walking to your daily routine?

  • Yes I have been walking to my mums house instead of getting the bus, I find it hard to get out and exercise as I'm a single mum and to be fair I don't have anyone that babysits or has time to babysit if you no what I mean so I find doing exercise at home is the easiest way.

  • Then investing in a good exercise dvd which you enjoy would be a really good idea! I know zumba do a good one which my sister used to lose a ton of weight but I think it might be quite pricey... maybe worth it though?

  • Ah yes didn't even think of an exercise DVD. On my shopping list and will pick one up. Hmm may have to have a look if a pricey one is worth it I don't mind. Thanks.

  • I would say start small. Try to build in 10 minutes three times a week. The British Heart Foundation does a good 10 minute exercise video you can watch on line or you could download the strength and flex programme from the NHS website. Record what you are able to do and work up from there.

    We have an exercise bike and I have worked up from ten minutes to 90! So start small and you will soon be surprised at what you can do.

  • Yes I have started to do 20 minutes every other day, but it's not hard exercise as I am rubbish and always in pain the next day (where I haven't done any form of exercise for the last 2 years 😥) May get there slowly

  • Try to find something you enjoy doing, that way you will stick to it. I have never joined a gym as I know I would never go. I prefer going for long walks or doing yoga! I need to find a more physically demanding exercise that I enjoy though. Im going to try and make my boyfriend go swimming with me, so it is more fun and less like exercise is that makes sense.

  • I have found I enjoy walking, but being a single mum and with a child who loves to walk (but very slow) I find it not really doing much. I am going to start taking my son swimming on weekend and hopefully that will help abit.

  • nhs.uk/Livewell/c25k/Pages/... This is a great programme and has a brilliant support forum.

    nhs.uk/livewell/loseweight/... there are exercise ideas here too.

  • I can recommend Morris dancing (Cotswold Morris with the hankies) as it uses up a lot of energy due to the continuous arm movements, although it's very bad for your knees :-). For more private exercise, I have a little low-level stepping machine I got ages ago from Argos I think. I keep it under the sofa and bring it out if I watch TV at night. If I'm feeling tired I only do the advert breaks (also helps stop the ad-break wander to the kitchen cupboard). I'm thinking of a rowing machine, if I can get one low enough to go under the same sofa..

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