That Sugar Book

If you are into books, I recommend "That Sugar Book" by Damon Gameau. I ordered it from BookDepository after seeing the film, and it just arrived this morning.

One section gives tips on how to beat cravings. (Just what I need!). It is not cheap but as it gives you an insight into what sugar does to you, it is well worth the money. It is not a Research paper by so called experts, it is about the author being a Guinea Pig, and discovering how sugar affects your health (and put on weight).

It is an eye opener. On the cover it says : "This book will change the way you think about "Healthy" food". And I think it is exactly this.


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11 Replies

  • I saw an earlier post about this and have ordered it from my local library. It is good to see someone has found it helpful.

  • You will enjoy it. It is a bit like the film, bright and well explained.

  • Have found in the kindle book store so sent a sample to myself to look at and may well buy - thanks for the tip

  • Which film please?

  • Jan, the film is called "That Sugar Film" . It is showing in Australia at the moment. I understand it should be in the UK at the end of the year. The film and book are a real eye opener for me. It somehow fits in with what was happening to me while on sugar and then the difference with me once I drastically reduced my sugar intake.

  • Thank you. I've been following the I Quit Sugar plan by Sarah Wilson, also an Aussie, for a few months so I will be interested in watching 'That Sugar Film' too. It helps to reinforce what I know is right but not always easy.

  • I saw the documentary called "Fed up". It was simply explained with science experiments to prove that it is not fat that makes you fat but sugar. "Healthy" meals, snacks were encouraged and were "fat reduced" but that made them tasteless so the companies put sugar in them to make them tasty ! Sugar is in so many foods, lactose from milk, fructose from fruit, corn syrup from corn, glucose, cane sugar, sweeteners like aspartine all of which are just as bad as sugar. It is better to eat fruit than fruit juice as it has fibre to help slow release. Too much sugar goes to the liver, is turned into insulin and then stored as fat. This gives a sugar burst or high like caffeine. This gives a feel good factor but then it drops and your mood drops until your next shot of sugar. It is in fast food, ready mills, soft drinks (even diet ones), ketchuo, pickles, healthy foods like milk, juice. Far people were called lazy and exercising did not work. Cutting sigar out as far as possible is the answer. Companies put sweets and chocolates at childrens' eye level at the checkout to get them to nag for it. Rats chose sugar water rather than cocaine water, sugar is so addictive. Even lactose free milk has a lot of sugar in it. So you may as well be giving your baby a can of cola ! Companies will not say the percentage of sugar in a product or how much of your daily intake is in their product. Like tobacco companies they do not want us to know how much sugar they are hiding in a lot of our foods, even the "healthy" ones. Take care all x

  • Agree with sugar being a real problem, but not when it comes to milk. Lactose is present in breast milk (and milk from any mammal) and is not the same as sucrose. Milk also contains a lot of essential nutrients for children.

  • Yes, you got it right Rontgen. it looks like your suggested documentary "fed up" reinforce what I now believe. So really if we cut sugar we should not only feel better but NOT put on weight. Personally, I am slowly re introducing good fat in my diet. Just a bit at a time, and so far did not put on weight but still slowly loosing a little bit.

    Think about it: anyone one now starting up a food business with no sugar would be very successful. It is such a pain trying to find food not loaded with sugar!

  • will have a look at it..thanks for the tip!

  • Somehow I would think that Milk is ok, natural milk of course because it is the way we women were made to feed babies. It is the natural way and how we function, so whoever made us, would have organised our body in a pratical, safe and healthy way, if you follow what I mean.... It is only the manufacturers who stuffed it up for us.

    PS: a friend has seen an article on a newspaper stating "there is a new myth that sugar is bad for you". So it looks like the big companies are starting to fight back. They will do everything not to loose their lucrative business of getting us hooked on sugar.

    It is not just the big companies (who add sugar to everything), it is all the diet businesses who will be loosing their repeat business, and gyms and fitness gurus and clothes manufacturers, and so on. It is a domino effects. I think it will take a few years, (lots of them), to revert to less sugar = healthy status.

    I am not on a crusade. I am only thinking of myself and my family. Everything will eventually sort itself out. In the meantime I will be ok.😊

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