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Feel like I've lost myself!

Sounding so negative! I've gone from 12stone8 size 16 to 10.12 and size12. Very happy but I don't know how to dress now. The way I used to dress was to hide my horrible wobbles and now most have gone I have nothing to wear and no idea what suits as still see myself as the larger lady! I pick up clothes on autopilot and can't seem to realise I'm smaller!

Sounds very ungrateful but I just am wondering if anyone has felt this too?

Thank you xx

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Absolutely!!! After losing weight and having two kids I'm not quite sure how I should be dressing! When out shopping with my best friend she always refers to tops and dresses as 'that's an Amanda top' or 'thats an Amanda dress'! Same old style time after time! It's time to break out of our old moulds and realise we aren't that size and shape anymore! I'll do it if you do! Good luck! Xx


No lotpot21, I didn't. I have a wonderful wardrobe of my previous life when slimmer, and bought a few outfits as a treat. Take a friend with you. This should help


Yes I know, Ive gone from 11st 12 to 9st 12 , a size 16 to 12/13 ....and my wardrobe was always full of loose tops, long cardigans etc. I've had a couple of best evening tops altered by a dressmaker cuz I loved them, but for summer I have had to rethink my wardrobe. Although I'm slimmer and have a waist am still slightly pear shaped, so I still like tunic tops over jeggings or crops, but more fitted ones now, not tents.

I think the only way is to go into a shop (mine was M&S) and just try on lots of things to see how you look. You could take a trusted friend along if you like. Enjoy your new look!


Well done!! You must be feeling so much better. I had to start wearing belts on my jeans to start with but got more confidence to 'tuck in' rather than baggy top over, when people started commenting how slim I was looking. I think exercise helped tone me up as well. Unfortunately I still have a belly and doubt at my age if it will ever go, but still hopeful.

Take another friend!


Don'y know how much time you have on your hands, but you could start selling your old stuff on ebay while you browse for a new style. Just b yourself <3


Book a personal shopper at one of the large department stores,, it's free and they do all the work. They ask you what you want and will bring lots of things to try on, take a friend with you who will give an unbiased opinion. You are under no obligation to buy anything.


That is such an awesome achievement!

You are a HUGE inspiration to me.. my GW is 9st 4lb!


Could you maybe take a friend shopping with you? or I know that some places such as House of Fraser have personal shoppers that can help you pick out outfits. If you go to a well know shop then I'm sure the sales assistants will help you pick some clothes to suit you and your new shape.


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