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Your diet/workout routine - what do you do and for how many days a week?

Hi all,

if you don't mind, please could you type down in the comments section your weekly work out routine and diet plan.

What do exercises do and how long do you do it for? If it's a mixture of cardio/strength training? could you advice me on exercises I could do at home b/c I don't have £ for gym membership

It would really help me as I am losing motivation and i think i am not doing enough and therefore not seeing the physical changes in my body.

thank you so much!

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Hi hope00,

I do a mixture of cardio and strength training activities. I go out running play 5 aside football and go to the gym where I use resistance equipment (weights / cables).

If you cannot afford a gym can I suggest you invest in some kettlebells? These are a great form of exercise and there is a lot of variation you can do with them. You could also look into doing some insanity training at home in the garden / park. It is really good just google the different exercises be strict on your rest time and you are away.

Other alternatives is simply going for a long brisk walk or a jog in an evening or even better in the morning on an empty stomach.

Good luck, keep your eyes on the prize.


I've started doing the NHS couch to 5 k programme. Which doesn't cost anything! I've always hated exercise but am surprisingly starting to enjoy following the podcast


Mine is probably a bit slapdash really, in the evenings after work 2 days of the week i do 10-20 mins on the cross trainer and 4 sets of 12 reps of 4 different dumbell weights. Hammer curl, bicep curl, tricep curl and shoulder press. 2 days a week on my days off i do 10-20 mins on my cross trainer 2 or 3 times over the day and the above weights 2 or 3 times. Each time i do any of these i do 25 stomach crunches. I also do alot of walking aiming for a minimum of 10000 steps per day. Also once a week ive started going to the local park with my partner to play badminton, i got 2 bats and shuttlecocks for £1.99 at b&m. I find its easier for me to fit it around my lifestyle to have set things i can do in little time slots as i get more done rather than killing myself doing half hour plus at a gym. Try different things to find what you like and what works for you. Dont give up, it took me 3/4 months to see real changes worth sticking to your plan. It will happen


I go to some local exercise classes - pilates, zumba and legs, bums and tums/aerobics. One of these only costs £3.50 a session.

I also use an exercise bike at home. You can pick these up for less than a months membership at the gym on places like Gumtree.

I also do some squats, lunges, press ups and a couple of arm exercises with some dumbbells I got for £7 from TKMaxx.


I should add that I try and do the recommended amounts of 1/2hour x 5 days per week plus 2 sessions of strength training (although I don't always achieve it)


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