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I need help with will power and motivation


I'm 21, 5ft4, and last time I was at the doctors (3/4 months ago) my BMI was 28.5 I think so I'm at least a stone and a half overweight. I've been overweight for my height and age according to BMI for my whole life but recently it's got a bit worse, as my diet has always been good but at university I have fast food sometimes which I never really used to, and it has started to properly bother me for the first time ever.

I'm at university in my second year and last semester (like February- April) I was using my fitness pal and eating really healthily and slowly losing weight but then I went home for a month for the Easter holidays and stopped using my fitness pal and gained back a load of weight as there was a lot of food in the house I wouldn't usually buy and I had no will power not to eat it.

I've been back at university now for a couple of weeks and have already had four takeaways! I never used to eat takeaways before I came to university but they're so readily available and I'm a person who eats when I'm sad or stressed or as a reward, so I've been feeling like I deserve treats all the time as it's exam season. I enjoy cooking, am quite a good cook and know how to cook a lot of healthy meals and last semester I was determined to always cook something, no matter how hungry or tired or lazy I felt but I'm really struggling this semester to be bothered and to not give into cravings for pizza, burgers or cake. Myfitnesspal was great but it's such a faff that I'm struggling to work up the determination to use it properly again.

Can anyone tell me anything that they think would help motivate me or ways I can improve my will power when it comes to cravings?

I'm also incredibly anxious when it comes to exercising as I've never been sporty and haven't done regular exercise, except for PE (which ended when I was 16), since before I was 10. I'd say I spent 80% of my life at least sat down. I put my swimming costume on and went to the swimming baths the other day but then it was so busy that I panicked and came straight home.

Sorry for such a ramble. Any help would be much appreciated! Thank you!

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Okay sweetie stop panicking. You say you want some motivation but you've taken that first step with your post.

You've done it before so you can do it again. Do your family know what you are doing because they can help you when you go home your friends surely want to support you at uni. Are you eating takeaways because they do. If so perhaps you can take it in turns to cook a proper meal . How about making your own Chinese or Indian meal. Then you have control over the calories.I've started following the NHS couch to 5k program

At first I was to embarrassed to do it in the street so I did the walking and running in my flat! God knows what my neighbours thought!

Take care.


Running is not for everyone. Get yourself a basic pedometer if you can to count your steps each day. Even if you're only doing a thousand steps a day at first, just start moving a bit more each day and aim to build up to 8,000 to 10,000 a day. It sounds a lot but is quIte do-able. Can you walk to campus or the shops?

Last year I had a Bmi of 28, and its now 23. I lost 30lbs with myfitnesspal and more walking. And Im 62 so my metabolism is much lower, yours will burn off quicker Im sure. As for takeaways, have vegetable curry and half portion plain rice, or better still tandoori baked chicken . Avoid the rich sauces. Or plain burger, no cheese or mayo, just half the bun . You dont need to ban your fave foods, just modify them and COUNT them in each day. Its the only way really. You CAN do this 😊


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