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Hospital diet!!

Oh my! I have been in and out of hospital all this year... When I went in on New Years eve I weighed 152 kg! Oh yes I am not on the light side! On each stay I have been weighed and my last stay, just over a week ago now... (Start of May) I weighed 130 kg!! I have not been doing any exercise, ha ha I have been bed bound due to not being able to weight bare on my left leg. And sure my last visit I caught a really nasty bug and could not eat or drink for 8 days.. But 22 kg loss!!! It's true I don't like hospital food!! I am a very fussy eater, I don't eat... Meat, fish, eggs, onion, bread, yogurt, or milk... To name a few things! My diet is not very good at the moment as I still have a lingering stomach illness and is currently being treated my my doctor. Oh I am happy for the weight loss... It's helped my osteoarthristis in my knee for sure! But totally the wrong way about losing weight!! All I want now is to get better, healthier and stay out of hospital!

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Hi DoraFrance,

So sorry to hear you've had a lingering stomach illness, and hope your doctor is giving you some effective treatment so it can go away soon.

Glad to hear you have felt some relief in terms of your osteoarthritis in your knee.

Wishing you a good week, and hope you are able to feel better and healthier, and stay out of hospital, as per your hopes. :-)

Lowcal :-)


Thank you for replying....

Yes my doctor gave me some stomach tablets, to settle the gases?? They are called Lansoprazole. I take one in the morning and I do think they have helped a little. I still can only eat small amounts little and often... I have to go back to see my gp next week to get weighed again... They want to keep an eye on this? For me not eating that healthily and doing no exercise ...and losing weight?? Something wrong there!! Over the years I have done all the diets and for me I have to eat very healthily and exercise to lose weight.. So something is not right with me. My knee is feeling better with the weight loss... And I am starting to hobble more around my home, which is great after being bed bound for 4 months!! I am working on strengthening my leg so I can weight bare on it more... I know it's going to be a long road to recovery but I am happy to be getting better :). And it's really good to be out of hospital!!

Have a lovely day :)


Hi Dorafrance,

It must be great to be able to move around more in your home, after being bed bound for 4 months. Really glad to hear your knee is feeling better with the weight loss.

It's good that you have a check-up next week, and good luck with that.

Have a lovely weekend.

Lowcal :-)


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