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Gone down the rails

Started this programme 5 weeks ago, and although stuck to it for couple of weeks, I have now gone back to the way I used to eat before. Feel very disappointed. My short term target of losing 5kgs by end of June is really off the target. Need some motivation please!

Also I work very long hours (9-9/10pm 3-4 times a week) and find it very hard to find time to exercise. I joined the gym last year thinking I will go at lunchtime but that never happened. So now I try to go to the odd bootcamp session whenever I can make it, but it's mostly once a week if I'm lucky! Anyone in the same boat? What did you do?

Should I start week 1 again?

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Hi PJR16,

I think it's good that you've managed to get to the odd bootcamp session mostly once a week, as it sounds quite hard for you to fit in exercise with your demanding work schedule.

Also, well done for sticking to the NHS plan for the first couple of weeks. I hope you enjoyed those weeks and noticed some improvements? Maybe you could think about what has triggered the change back to your previous eating habits? Was it that you were feeling bad about not sticking to your exercise plans? Or feeling over-stressed by your demanding work pattern? Or maybe other factors, or a combination of lots of things. Sometimes it can be the goals we set ourselves that can scupper us - i.e. if I tried to go to the gym every day, then I doubt I'd manage it and then I might feel negative with myself for 'failing' at that goal - but if I think about a more realistic goal - that I think is achievable, then I am more likely to stick to it.

So maybe think about your week ahead, and think about one or two small steps that you can aim for, that you feel you'll be able to do.

Sometimes if I've not got time to exercise, I'll literally make myself go up and down stairs for 5 minutes, or I'll do 5 minutes with some weights (I've got a kettle bell which is great for the occasional few minutes). You can even choose to exercise during the advert breaks of a TV programme, stuff like that.

Anyway, don't give up, just try to get back on track.

Wishing you a good week ahead.

Lowcal :-)


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