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Hi I have just joined and I feeling a little apprehensive as I have tried hundreds of diets over the years but never seem to stick to them. I am fast approaching a mild stone birthday and I know I need to lose quite a bit of weight, as I am being to show signs that my weight is effecting my health. If anyone has any helpful hints and tips for me they would be gratefully received. Thanks Sarah

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  • Hello Sarahwhite, welcome to the group. I'm a fan of the NHS 12 week plan, lots of help and advice on healthy eating and exercise, I've just started week 7 and so far I've lost a stone. I'm not good at doing exercise but recently started using an exercise bike, I started with just 10 minutes each day and week by week increased by a further 5 minutes a day, however, you may be someone who enjoys exercise? People who use this forum are very helpful and supportive so you made a good choice to start here. Hope it all works out well for you.

  • Thanks for your helpful comments. Could you tell me is there a tool that I can use to add up my calorie daily intake or do I have print and manually fill in sheet from the bus web site. Thanks

  • Welcome Sarah! Download myfitnesspal. It's free and easy to use. :)

  • Well done for taking the first step. Like others I'm on the NHS 12 week plan and I'm finding it really helpful. I just use the NHs calorie part of the website and Google any foods that aren't on there. Then I add the total -I keep a notepad handy in my kitchen. I know that some people use the fitness pal app which I think has a calorie counter. Good luck

  • I just started today and I dunno if I'm doing it right! I'm finding it hard to add calories for home cooked meals... I just made chilli and brown rice using extra lean meat... I've added my calories up for today as just 900... it doesn't seem a lot! Am I doing it wrong??

  • Probably not. Sometimes it's a surprise the amount you can eat for the amount of calories (and vice verse). Make sure you include all things like the oil you cook with and weigh your ingredients. I discovered that I was rubbish at estimating quantities.But do make sure you eat a reasonable amount I don't think.It is healthy to eat too little. Have you used the bmi calculator on the website? That gives you the band range of calories that you should be eating.

  • Thanks for your tips. Also I work full time and find it really hard to find quick easy meals (i am not much of a cook)for both lunch and dinner for myself and my husband. Has anyone got any advice please? I am also a little confused how many calories I should be sticking too. How do u find out?

  • Use theNHS bmi calculator on the website. It gives you your daily intake range.

  • Hi Sarah,

    Have a look at the myfitnesspal website. It has lots of quick and simple meal ideas to choose from.

  • Hi Sarah,

    I recently joined this forum and have found everyone really supportive. I have decided to try weight loss by just counting my calories and adding in more exercise. I have found that cutting down on starchy food and carves has helped. I am also trying hard to eat earlier in the evening and not eat after 7.30. Seems to work but cutting out evening snacking took some getting used to. I wish you lots of luck. Persevere and you will get to your goal. X

  • Thanks for all your help and advice

  • ive been dieting for 3 or 4 weeks,well i say dieting more just watching what i eat,i found this site by using the calorie counter,ive lost about a stone,as some of my clothes are starting to get a bit more comfortable,ive decided to get a kind of balance,and its working for me,im not staying focused on any diet ,as i have in the past,and failed,i'm allowing flexible eating to help me cut down,i'm realy good on most days,but when the weekend comes i ease off but with caution,i look for low cal alternatives to my favourite things,like i served roastie's on sunday made with low cal spray instead of oil and they were lovely,im also buying low fat versions of mayo and salad cream(as i cant eat baldy salad lol )and trying to eat plenty of protien to keep me fuller longer,and not eating bread and potatoes half as much as i used to.

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