A little positive reminder

Saw this note today and thought I would share it:

Treat yourself the way you would your child;

Feed yourself healthy food,

Make sure your spend time outside,

Put yourself to bed early,

Let yourself take naps,

Don't say mean things to yourself,

Don't put yourself in danger.

(Your skull and your heart are still as fragile as egg shells).


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11 Replies

  • Lovely post, and so true we forget sometimes to look after ourselves nowadays. Thanks for sharing

  • That's a lovely thought and it ties in with my approach to the life changes that I'm making. I am not seeing it as denying myself the junk, I am telling myself that I deserve the healthier foods - and I do feel so much better for it :-)

  • A lovely post and so true. We are so much harder on ourselves than we would be others. Thanks for sharing.

  • So true. I think i should try and follow that advice.

  • So lovely xxx

  • Lovely and so true, enjoyed reading, thankyou

  • What a lovely way to look at things. Thanks for sharing!

  • Lovely post, most of the time we tend to put others before ourselves.

    I think we need to remember we are just as important and fragile.

    A post we need to remember at times. xx

  • A good reminder ..................and also to connect with your "inner child" and set some time aside to simply have fun !

  • Love it. Thanks.

  • Thank's for that, I shall write it out and put it everywhere to remind myself to be careful and kind to me!

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