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Boredom kicks in on an evening 😈😈😈😈

Im now starting to get myself down as during an evening im COMFORT eating out of sheer BOREDOM. Cant seem to shake it off; im good during the day & this evening boredom stage is really having an affect on my weight loss as ive stabilised. I need to lose at least 21lbs plus within 18 weeks. Ive joined my local gym & really enjoying it. Please can someone support me through this stage.......Grrrrrr

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Are you sure it's just boredom + comfort eating? I ask because in my first 2 or 3 weeks after signing up on the weight loss plan, (now completed), I would go to my sweet store and have just one sweet. Of course it never was just one and I would beat myself up for doing it. Then I saw a link on this forum to the "Is sugar toxic?" film.

I could not watch it because I have K9 protection on my computer and it does not allow youtube videos but the search brought up many informative articles.

The outcome was that I passed my sweets to my wife to look after till I got down to 12 st. and I do not think that I shall ask for them now that I am.

What I suggest if going for a long walk is not possible due to family responsibilities or other factors, is watching these videos or reading the articles, (there are many) , when you are relaxing. It will probably turn you into an anti-added-sugar fanatic like me though!

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Thank you


Hey boredom is something to overcome, just like anything else. I find distraction techniques work quite well, its all about finding what works for you, whether its games on your phone, reading, sewing, crafty stuff etc.. Also i always try to drink if i get these urges as it makes your body feel fuller so if it is just boredom it can help, maybe to start with have boiled sweets or something as they last longer and keeps your mouth occupied. But i find keeping my hands busy help stop me snacking. Hope you find what helps you


Thank you & i will give it a go


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