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Hi, just joined this site after a weekend of snacking, weighed myself and now feeling Fed up so doing something about it, my problem is my other half works shifts, so I snack especially in the evenings when I'm on my own, need to get a grip, need some motivation so hopefully talking to others will help. Want to lose 1·5 to 2 stone, going to America end June, so would love to have lost a bit by then.

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Hi daisy,

I'm afraid I'm just like you, I wait for my husband to go to bed then I eat all my little treats.

12 week structured plan starts tomorrow, and I also plan to go to bed with hubby witch will help from eating my treats.

Good luck on your journey, have a great week.

Let me know how you get on.

Willow xx


Thanks willow, yes I'm fine when hubby around, but as soon as he walks out door I head for food, I try not to buy goodies but it's surprising what you can make out of not much! Have written my weight and goals so starts properly tomorrow, good luck to you too.


Search for articles on Sugar and inflamation.

Sugar and health.

Sugar and weight.

Sugar and Anything else you can think of.


Thanks Hairyman

I do know that a lot of my problem is sugar, sugar and sugar again, I will have a look at some of those sites you have suggested.


Hi daisy,

Good luck today, I'm just about to weigh and do my measurements.

I'm also goi g to start weighing my pedometer to increase my steps per day.

Speak later in the week to see how you are getting on.

We can do this,



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