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Together we are better

Hey everyone, I have created a private facebook group for people who are healthy eating to share recipes, share ideas and to motivate each other. It is alot easier to suceed when sharing with like minded people. There isn't a catch and I'm not selling anything. Just a place to share. I have lost 2.5stone so far from eating healthy and exercise. I still have 2.5 stone to lose!

If you would like to join here is the link - facebook.com/groups/Pilkoan...

The facebook page is called Pilko & Friends

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Hi Amzjp, Your preferred diet seems to be much like mine. I have requested to join your page. Thanks for putting this up.

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Sounds great. I have applied to join your page. I have decided to focus on healthy eating rather than WW or slimmers world diets and it seems to be working. Extra recipe ideas would be good.

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