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Having trouble losing weight


I am having a really hard time losing weight. It's my own fault because I am not sticking to a plan. I belong to weight watchers and while its a great diet/lifestyle I am having trouble tracking and staying motivated. I am uncomfortable in my skin. I know I have to start somewhere but it is not easy.. Any words of encouragement advice or anything someone would like to share would be appreciated!


Feeling hopeless

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Hi :) staying motivated is a big hurdle for a lot of people. Just keep thinking about what you want to achieve and what you already have achieved. I think to myself do I really need that cake or shall I have some fruit to curb my sweet cravings.

Take each day as it comes and pat yourself on the back when you do something you're proud of - even if it is resisting a biscuit or glass of wine. It takes time to change but you've already accomplished so much by wanting to swap to a healthier lifestyle.

Also keep occupied - I boredom eat all the time so if I'm hungry a go for a quick walk or chat to my friends.

Keep going, you can do it!

B x

I freeze things so that the temptation is removed for awhile and I have a chance to think again about whether I really need to eat it. Make a performance out of any healthy snacks you do eat e.g. cut an Apple into pieces and put on a plate. Always eat at a table, I live by myself but I still lay the table and put the salad/vegetables in serving dishes. It makes the meal last longer and somehow more satisfying.

Good luck.

P.s in real snacking emergencies I eat a sugar free ice pop! Childish I know but it does the trick.

Jenever in reply to linggirl

Hi linggirl, your post made me smile because I absolutely love laying the table for dinner (or any meal) and I always put any snack into a little dish or on a nice plate! Nothing like turning every meal into a special time...an occasion!!! But you're right it makes whatever you're eating more satisfying and enjoyable...glad it's not only me.


Don't aim for perfection; just take one enjoyable step at a time, and when you've got that down to your satisfaction set another specific, measurable, achievable, relevant and time-scaled goal.

Good luck!

Staying motivated can be so difficult at times but keep going. If get off track at all just draw a line under it and start over. I couldn't get on with the pro points system so i am working my daily intake if calories out, eating healthy meals and trying to fit in some exercise (dog walking and a bit of swimming). That is working better. I also try really hard not to eat anything after 7.30. No more evening snacking for me :/ it took a bit of adjusting too but it has helped. Keeping busy and trying to refocus any treat to something other than food seems to have helped too. I read somewhere that to lose 1lb in weight needed a 3500 Calorie reduction in my week. Seemed impossible but it has helped me moderate my intake of food by bearing it in mind. I wish lots of luck. Believe you can do it and you will x

Butterfly77 in reply to BunnyBun

Thank you all. I was always able to do the points but right now I just feel like it's tough.maybe I'll just eat right not eat after 730 and workout I do enjoy working out and it helps with anxiety and also keeping me busy!!! Thanks everyone keep it coming it's helped me stay focused today

Hi Butterfly77, I have to same problem with evenings, I seem to be ok up until we have dinner but as soon as dinner is finished I want to start grazing. I have manage to keep it under control by making sure I have enough calories left to play with during the evening & I don't eat within one & half hours before bed; mainly as I sleep better if I don't. I also find the evening a good time to read the posts on this forum, it keeps you focused and busy. Good luck.


If you feel uncomfortable in your own skin, self esteem and confidence may be an issue. Remember, being slim doesn`t make you happy, you make you happy. To help my weight loss clients I often start with boosting self confidence and respect for oneself first before attempting weight loss. ivertherapy@gmail.com if you need any further details

You have to be "in the right place " before attempting to drop weight, or as soon as there is any sort of crisis you probably will go back to old eating habits.

warm wishes Linda

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