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Sunday weigh in

Hi all,

Okay, some changes this week, but managed to lose 2.5lbs!

As we have a huge holiday coming up in July I decided I need to move some weight a little more quickly, so am going to follow Slimming World until then. SW is probably the best option for this, although I am going to try and tie into NHS as well.

Then on my return I can then switch to NHS with one eye to SW for that longer term weight loss, and hopefully maintain it too!

Been a good week overall. Was feeling pretty good and then today someone I know tapped my stomach and said 'you need to lose some of that.' Well, thank you! People are so, so rude aren't they? Still, I'm not going to let it bother me, I've put up with this throughout my life so am not going to let it hit my confidence now.

Just so annoying when there others who it could deeply affect. I wonder why it is okay to 'abuse' people who are overweight yet wouldn't dream of doing that to other groups. I think 'fat' is the last on the list to be 'fair game'.

Oh well, smile on my face, onwards and upwards (oh, and yes I know - ' I may be fat but you're ugly and at least I can diet' :) )

Have a great week everyone.

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Well done on the loss thats great!! Keep up the positivity and im sure you will succeed


Well done, good loss of weight this week.

Don't even take any notice of what that stupid person said to you, they are not worth you wasting you time thinking about them.

You are going to do brilliant on your new health changes, think how much slimmer you are going to be on your holiday in July.

Have a great week, I'm starting tomorrow so it would be nice to keep in touch on our loses.

Good luck,

Willow xx 😀😀


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