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Depression and weight loss


I am struggling with weight loss at the moment as I seem to be unable to break the cycle - depression stops me from caring about weight loss and my weight gain is fuelling depression. I feel so hopeless, helpless and useless! I take anti depressives and Pregabalin for spinal stenosis and codeine for arthritis pain and it feels like I am up against too many things. The meds cause weight gain and my physical health problems stop me from exercising. I even had to give up on Yoga which I loved. I would really appreciate any input...

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I was similar to you Witchywoman about 6 months ago. I read an awful lot and decided to supplement with magnesium. It may not be the answer for you but it has changed my life. I am no longer on any antidepressants and my muscle and joint pains have improved.

That's interesting WholelotofRosie! Thank you! I will be investigating your suggestion. Do you have Fibromyalgia?

Hi I am 52 and have osteoarthritis in my hands knees and feet and a heart murmur which causes breathlessness when I walk or cycle uphill. If I go for a walk now I start uphill so it is always downhill home. I recently starting swimming which is great as there are no hills.

I try to follow a low carb high fat diet as it helps my knee pain. Sugar makes me very stiff which I discovered by trial and error. I used to get a lot of muscle pain and anxiety which the magnesium seems to have helped with. I take magnesium citrate from Holland and Barrett which is not cheap but I feel it if I miss a couple of days.

I desperately don't want yet another episode of depression it is so exhausting.

It is hard work losing weight etc but hang in there.

Hi again. I'm 63 and have battled depression and anxiety for most of my life. Walking is a bit of a struggle due to leg pain from my spine but on better days I do try. I like the idea of a low carb high fat regime though I would certainly miss chocolate - which I try to eat responsibly... honest!

I am going to look into magnesium to see if it would work for me. Thank you for your kind reply.

Hi, sorry to read your having such a rough time at the moment.

Have you had a look at u tube, they do some some lovely sitting down exercise videos, I understand they are very good.

May be you could have a chat with your GP regarding your medication and explain why your feeling so depressed, don't sit in silence love when there are people to help you.

Have a good few days, take care of yourself. xx

Hi Willow308 No I haven't looked at You Tube for exercises - it never occurred to me - but I will be doing now!

My GP has given up on me as I have (ironically) an intolerance to anti depressants. The only one I can take is Dosulepin and I take Promazine for anxiety.

I recently lost my mum and was given bereavement counseling which was quite helpful. Thank you for taking the time to reply to my post and for the suggestion of You Tube videos. xx

I'm sorry you're feeling so low at this time, have you tried to do some chair yoga? This is a nice, slow and very gentle sequence:

The magnesium can also be absorbed by taking Epsom salt baths, and it is also a lovely way to ease the pain - provided you can and like to take baths. If you are in the UK you may like to see if there are any Breathworks teachers in your area - It is a mindfulness based pain management course, (that incidentally can help with depression)

This is a video by Vidyamala Burch, the founder of the program

Wishing you to feel better. xxx

witchywoman in reply to Pigivi

Hi Pigivi. Thank you so much for replying to my post and for the very helpful videos! Also - I had forgotten but my Gran always took Epsom Salt baths for her aches and pains.

As my husband and I look after our grandchildren 4 days a week I never seem to have the energy at the end of the day to do anything to help myself but I am going to start doing the baths! Thank you again for taking time to post videos for me. I really appreciate it and will try to save them on my computer desktop.

miamia in reply to witchywoman

Hi, how strange, I have just started taking baths in Epsom salts......

I can empathise with depression and weight gain. I put on 5 stone in 5 years with a succession of problems and I couldn't focus on health. With me, my weight gain is very definitely linked with my state of mind. As recommended ny one of those who replied i am going to try magnesium supplements :) good luck with your weight loss journey.

witchywoman in reply to BunnyBun

Thanks for your reply BunnyBun. I totally agree with you - there is a link and hopefully we will both benefit with the magnesium supplements. Good luck to you too.

Totally understand regarding the cycle. I would suggest stay looking on this site, it does help....I look every morning to give me a kick start and if I am struggling , which I do it does help. Life can be tough as we all know, somehow we have to beat it.....! Stay strong.

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