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Running Knees

I know it's that time of year when lots of people ENJOY lovely run.

BUT a recuuring theme is "I've damaged my knees!" So as one of those whose exercise has been seriously disrupted by knee injury caused by over enthusiastic running, can I make a plea to the site organisers?

It would be nice to be able to block or put all posts by runners, at the end of the daily forum post, so that I do not get reminded of my pain every day.

I add that I am 73, could run a mile on grass in 4m 15secs in my early twenties without pain.

I love cycling, but for many years have found that high impact activity like running damages my feet and knees, so before it hits my hips as well, I DO NOT WANT TO RUN. Do you read that Laura?

I think it is bad to encourage overweight people to take up an activity that has so much potential for harm when there are so many safer ways to exercise that do not involve subjecting joints to high impact loads. And I read that you burn 100 calories a mile whether you walk or run.

End of rant.

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Hi Hairyman. I have concerns about running too and you are right about the calorie burn - if you run or walk the same distance you burn the same calories but walking takes longer. Also with walking, you do not need a day off so you can walk everyday.

I am contemplating running but would limit it to 5km if I even try it.

My uncle used to run - he is the same age as you - and has seriously messed up his legs. He did a lot of distance running including a few marathons but always used the best shoes etc.

So I agree with you, encouraging very overweight people to run may be foolish at best. If I do run I will be much lighter and will see my GP first. Zero impact exercise is the best for those seriously overweight.

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morning Hairyman,i am 63 and have osteoarthritus, and osteoporosis, so the doctor told me cycling is good for my arthritus, and walking is good for my bones. Running can do a lot of damage if you are not fit and healthy, i agree. I do however like to hear of these "youngsters" and their running days, it reminds me i should excercise somehow a little each day, as i know that when i dont i suffer more. Gentle and often as you get older i think. Hope the posts dont upset you too much, have a great day.


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