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Week 8

Hi guys!

I know I haven't been on here forages, I have been soo busy!

I weighed in today - Week 8 and I am proud to say I have lost 12lbs to date!

I am soo happy with this as I am over the usual 11 lbs that I have lost on other diet plans!

I am becoming much more confident with the plan and I am now not having to write everything down like I was doing to start with as I know portion amounts and foods I should should be having.

Having been diagnosed with PCOS loosing weight has been really difficult for me, I am so glad I started this way of eating!

I still cannot see where I have lost weight and don't feel much smaller but its got to be dropping off somewhere!

Amy x

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Hi Amy,

Glad you're enjoying your new way of life! :-)


Well done on your loss so far. Even if you don't see it now just give it time because I didn't see it either after losing 12 lbs but you soon will and it will all be worth it. Keep going and good luck on your journey x


Hi Amy, many congratulations on loosing 12Ibs that's a brilliant loss.

I am now 55 and was diagnosed with Pcos when I was 17, throughout my life I can promise you when I was slimmer my symptoms were not half as bad as when I was very badly overweight.

I am 5 stone overweight now and going through a dreadful menopause, I was never able to have children.

If you do one thing Amy to help with your PCOS, try and keep your weight down it really does help.

Good luck on your journey, and well done for your weight loss. 🌺🌺

Willow xx


Well done on the weight loss, it will take time to notice the difference but so worth it, take measurements if you dont already as it can help you see them going down even before you can see it visually if that makes sense. Keep up the good work


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