Week 18

Hi everyone :-)

I have lost 2 lbs this week bringing my total weight lost to 46 lbs.

This is a really good result for me because I have managed to break through another stone with this 2 lb loss and have now entered into the 13's. My body looks different and my clothes are becoming lose again. When I got up this morning I looked at my legs and could see them taking shape. They look different in a nice way :-)

This journey has been incredible up to now. It has taken a lot of hard work and commitment to myself to achieve the weight loss results so far and I am happy with the results and promise myself I will continue on this journey to good health and happiness :-)

Thank you everybody for your continued support and best of luck at the next weigh in for one and all x


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23 Replies

  • This is brilliant. Well done you for getting through another milestone. Keep up your great efforts 😀

  • Thank you Donnammm42. I prayed to get out of the 14's and into the 13's and my prayer has been answered today. I am really pleased. Thank you for your support and good luck at your next weigh in hun x

  • That's brilliant, well done 👏👏

  • Thank you Folliegirl x

  • Hi Trafford1,

    Congratulations on another 2 pound loss, and especially to getting into the 13's - a great transition! Really great. :-)

    Wishing you a great weekend.

    Lowcal :-)

  • Hi Lowcal, thank you. I had to believe I could and I did get out of the 14's and here I am today very pleased with my weight loss results so far. It's a great feeling knowing that my hard work is paying off. Hope you have a great weigh in and get the results you are hoping for on Monday.

    Thank you for your support Lowcal x

  • Well done, that's a brilliant weight loss.

    Have another good week and good luck with your weight loss this week.

    Willow x

  • Thank you Willow308 I look forward to each week I am on my journey. It has now become a routine for me and my confidence has grown over the weeks. I see you are just starting out here and as a new comer I welcome you to the forum. I wish you all the successes on your journey here. Please keep posting as we are all here to support each other along the way. Good luck to you x

  • Amazing Trafford! Good for you great news!

  • Thank you for your support and kind words LindaR62 it really means alot hun x

  • That's great trafford1. You seem to be doing really well; I hope you're enjoying it!

  • Hi Concerned, I am very much enjoying this journey and seeing the changes that come with having a positive attitude and believing in myself as anything is possible. Thank you for your support x

  • Well done you! It's very exciting noting all the physical, metal and emotional changes isn't it? I'm really pleased for you :-)

  • That's amazing! Care to share ur secrets? 😊 well done for getting into the 13's. It's a pyschological achievement as well as a physical one. 😃

  • Hi dotty_segs thank you for your support. I don't have any secrets and I am happy to share. I eat 3 meals a day and have 2 snacks. I eat weetabix most mornings before I leave for work I snack on a tub of fruit (grapes & strawberries) or an apple. Lunch will be soup, large home made salad which include boiled egg & shredded turkey or turkey/chicken or egg salad sandwich on brown and dinner which is usually any of my fav..foods but portion controlled with no oil. Everything is home made fresh food and usually baked in the oven.

    I changed everything from white rice/pasta/potatoes to whole wheat/wholemeal and have sweet potatoe.

    I stick to a plate which is a fist or 1 cup carbs a palm size for the protien and the rest is veg. I work out 5 days a week and take a day off each week to enjoy something I really fancy like a take out, crisps and wine. Everything is planned in advance and prepared in the morning. I have a gym membership but also invested in equipment at home and I believed in myself for the first time in years. That I can do this.

    I wish you you every success on your journey and again thank you x

  • Thanks for sharing - basically common sense really which I already know lol... I better get stricter with my food intake. I am usually good with home baking dinners from scratch anyway - weakness is snacks usually. I try to go for brown rice n pasta, already switched to brown bread ages ago, don't drink fizzy anymore, small changes over the last few months but ready seeing a difference - just need to curb the snacks! And see the weight come off - I put on half what I had lost recently :-( (9 lbs lost, put on 4.5lbs) Cheers 👍

  • I had a weekend break away last wk end and I had two english breakfasts Sunday and Monday I had Nando's for dinner and a kansas over the course of the whole weekend, oh and I ate a bag of minstrels at the cinema, but the hotel I stayed in had a gym so I worked out hard whilst I was away to burn off some of the extra calories and then worked even harder toward the end of the week and managed to lose 2 lbs still. So I guess if you do chose to snack make up for it by working out a little longer to compensate. Also you can bring your calories down on other days to compensate, which is what I did this week. It's about finding the right balance for you. I am sure that you will and I wish you every success in doing so dotty_segs :-)

    I really enjoyed my weekend, but it was back to business once I returned home.

  • Hi MagsMM :-) Thank you. I see you are doing an amazing job on your journey to and I wish you all the success in the world achieving your goal. The forum is a great place to start for anyone and I am great full to have found such a great site with such great supportive people like you. So thank you and have a great week ahead Mags x

  • That is amazing you must be very happy with that and still losing a good amount at week 18 is fantastic. How much more do you want to lose? im on week 5 and ive got about 2.5 stone to go so reading posts like this really help me, thank you.

  • Hi jh24 and thank you. I still want to lose another 2.5 also. It is getting harder to lose as the less you weigh the less calories you burn so I do have to work that bit harder now, but I see myself as a worthy cause :-) and I believe I can do it and there's no going back. I am loving life right now and know I will love it even more when I get the excess weight off. Never give up keep going, keep moving and always remember you can do it. Good luck with your next weigh in, best wishes x

  • Thank you i'm sure you can do it you have done so well so far, the less you weigh the easier the exercise should be so i think i will try and up that to keep me going. x

  • Congratulations, such a very significant weight loss you mush be over the moon. Now you can see the benefit of all the hard work it will spur you on to even greater results. Well done and keep up the good work.

  • Hi jenever and thank you. I am over the moon and seeing the weight coming off is great and I feel great too. I am looking forward to continuing my journey an know I am on the path to health and happiness.

    Good luck on your journey too hun x

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