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Made it to Week 3

I have got 40kg to loose - which should take me until Feb 2016!

Week 1 my weight went UP by 1/2 kg although I did do alot of exercise which I dont normally do (didnt stop me feeling gutted though) and this week it finally started to drop - on the plus side 2cm off my waist.

Can't wait to get out on the Bike again today - even if I probably look like a burke on it!

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It doesn't matter how active you are, if you continue to take in too much food that raises your insulin levels you won't be able to burn fat for fuel. bbc.co.uk/news/health-32417699

A balanced diet for most people is 4 to 6 level-tablespoons of low Gi carbs, some above-ground vegetables, and less than a palm-size of natural protein at each meal, with the remainder of our requirement consisting of natural fats.


I think that's been my problem in the past - joined a gym and kept on eating kebabs/crap. I've cut out all of that this time including chocolate / diet coke etc.

I think I had a Diet Coke belly (rather than beer belly) - it's evil stuff.


Well done on your result. It's always best to take body measurements when starting a considerable exercise regime as often people gain water weight in the short term which can be demotivating until you see you've actually trimmed up :)

Just keep in mind that although activity is critical to health that in order to lose weight you need to be just as critical about what you are eating.

Good Luck with your journey.

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Thanks - yes I'm using MyFitnessPal to monitor food intake. I am eating more than I did before - but more fruit / healthy food rather than a few high fat/calorie foods.

Small victories too like filling up the car and not buying a chocolate bar :-)


exercise is fantastic for health, but unfortunately it will only help a little with weight loss. 3 week running for 30 minutes 3 times a week is equivalent to about 1 pound. When I started running I didn't lose an ounce for about a month, probably due to water balance, and maybe eating extra to compensate for the extra activity or worse as a 'reward' for achieving something. The weight soon started coming off again though.

Persistence is the best diet so keep going.


Also, don't forget that exercise will increase your muscle-mass while, at the same time, your fat-mass decreases, as you 'burn' energy. Muscle is heaver than fat per volume mass so, you may well initially put weight on even though you are getting slimmer and less 'fatty'. The increase in muscle will also increase your metabolic rate at rest and so increase your daily calorific requirements.

So, my suggestion is, keep off the 'junk' foods increase your intake of low carb' foods vegetables etc.; reduce your high-carb' foods; reject processed meal foods. Keep exercising; particularly for Cardiovascular fitness but, allow for some strength development exercising as well.

All the best.


Yes thanks - I can see a change in body shape so something must be going on in there.

I've got a selection of cardio workouts now which I'm enjoying - I'm trying the Couch-2-5K programme and also cycling and sea kayaking (when the tides are right). Need to factor in some strength exercises though - Any Ideas? (Trying to do it without paying out for Gyms etc.)


Penfo1d, hi.

You appear to have the lower body exercising covered and having been a canoest in the past I know our back muscles will get stronger the more paddleing you do. If you apply good trunk rotation in your paddleing technique your latissimus dorsi should also get good workouts. Add to this all the normal body weight exercises that you could do will keep you busy for quite awhile. There are loads of possible workouts on YouTube.

Possibly the only bit of kit that I think might make exercising at home easier (if you do not wish to buy dumb-bells etc.), would be a pull-up bar. If you can't do a full pull-up yet and if you can fit the bar low down in a doorway pull your horizontal weight (sort of, like, a push up in reverse!). Push-ups can be done from the knees, easier than full ones (from the toes); shoulder raises and leg raises will work the abdominals.

However, personally I think, some of the best body-core training is Pilates and for overall body strength development with weight loss is circuit training of some of the best sort. I've recently started Boxercise, it's very hardwork but also very beneficial. But, unless you are really motivated, some people can find it difficult to pursevere with this type of exercising on your own.



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