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Hi all, I haven't been on here for some time so I thought I'd update. I started the 12 week weight loss plan in Feb 2014. I was 15 and a half stone. Worked hard at the diet (should say lifestyle change) and joined a gym as well as walking regularly. Lost almost 3 stone in around 5-6 months. So, here I am and have maintained that weight. No longer go to the gym but am walking 2-3 miles 4 to 5 times a week. I feel great and am probably as fit as I have been for most of m y adult life, and I'm well into my 60's. Thought I'd let people know this and hope it helps them to know that IT CAN BE DONE and is not a fad or short term diet. IT WORKS. and I'm so glad. I just keep an eye on my weight (weekly) and know how to reduce it if ever I need to, especially following holidays when I do what the hell I want!!! Good luck all - well, no luck needed, just a bit of discipline. Go for it, and remember - you WILL need a new wardrobe!!!!


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  • Hello, i too am well into my 60,s and need to lose weight. Gym does not appeal, i do walk every day but probably not enough. What do you consider dropped the weight most? Change of diet, portions, exercise. Also, what did you cut down or out if anything? I,m struggling with discipline i know and focus. Would love to hear how you went about it.

  • Hi youngster, I am 73 and lost 20 lbs in ten weeks. Stiil losing weight but more slowly now I am in healthy BMI territory.


    I started with the 5:2 plan and it was a real struggle not to start eating in the evenings till I read up on how sugar and potato create a blood sugar / insuliin battle that leaves you feeling hungry because after insulin has solved the sugar problem by storing it as fat in your vital organs, you will feel in need of more just to keep going!

    My loving wife had been trying to help me stop snacking in the evening by piling larger amounts of potato on my plate!

    I found out that was like trying to put out a fire by spraying it with diesel oil and I was making it worse by eating rice cakes with jam on afterwards.

    That was like throwing petrol on the fire!

    I put [ Sugar and inflation ] and similar. into the search engine, following tips that I read on this forum.

    Now not only do I feel more energetic, my waist is 3 inches smaller and I no longer crave food all the time.

    So that is how. The Biggest Difference came when I changed to butter and stayed away from sugar. Suddenly my appetite was under control.

  • Hi Hairyman, What a tonic your reply was. All makes perfect sense and i shall follow your example hopefully. It,s down to me, I certainly don,t feel great as I am.

  • Well done on your fantastic achievement but more so on finding something that works for you and is doable for the rest of yourlife. :)

  • Thank you daggersborn for your inspiring post. It's keeping it off that is the most difficult. Well done and good idea to weigh weekly.

  • Brilliant, well done 👏👏

  • Well done and thanks for sharing daggersborn. I am 44 and started to feel there was no point bothering but there are many people here older than me who have turned their lives around, so I know it can be done!

  • Great post and well done for keeping the weight off. Thanks for sharing your success story :-)

  • Hi, well done for losing such a good amount of weight and keeping it of that's a job well done.

    Let's hope I have the willpower and determination like you to lose my weight.

    Have a great weekend. xx

  • Thank you for sharing your success story. I'm in my 60's and determined to change my lifestyle for the better. Started the NHS 12 week plan 6 weeks ago and so far doing well, slow but sure. However, I find it very difficult to exercise I have to really push myself as I hate doing it! It was so inspiring to read your post and to learn that you have maintained your weight, well done.

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