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Cauliflower rice

What was the recipe again?

Through the food processor then in the microwave for a few minutes?

I did not write it down when someone mentioned it on the forum and would like to try it today.

Edit: ps, I found it. I also went on the web and picked up ideas. So this is my recipe:

Put the Cauliflower through the food processor, then

5 minutes in microwave with no water.

In a pan, a tablespoon of olive oil and

Fry 2 garlic cubes (frozen) / 2 ginger cubes (frozen) / 1/5 of a red onion for a Couple of minutes.

Add fresh chives and parsley.

Add the microwaved cauliflower rice and mix together.

Add on the left over curry sauce my husband had made on a previous day.

Zimmer for a couple of minutes

Plenty of salt and pepper. Et voila!


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There are lots of ways of doing it because it's a vegetable that can be eaten raw the cooking part is not so critical to get right. Personally I fry it either in a little butter or coconut oil having fried and popped some Cumin Seeds in the oil first but I can see frying it is probably not the way most will want to go if still counting/restricting calories.


I will try it with Cummin. Sounds good.


Sounds yummy x


Raw is crunchy and nice

I fry mine in a tiny bit of olive oil till it just starts to colour a little at the edges. I pop a bit of cumin powder or chilli on it while cooking. Absolutely love the stuff :)

I think microwaving it might make it too soft.

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In this case it was perfect and not mashy at all but we were discussing trying it for three or four minutes and see how we go. We are experimenting. I think it is best to cook it less in the microwave and then adjust the time to our taste once on the hot plate. Winter is coming in so plenty of fresh crunchy cauliflowers at a very good price.

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