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ITV Tonight Eat Fat Stay Fit Program

I found yesterday's program on ITV interesting:


I follow the 5:2 diet, but have adopted some of the principles of avoiding low fat foods (especially processed) and avoiding low nutrition carbohydrates like sugar and white bread.

My experience is that by eating foods cooked properly at home using natural ingredients, including fats, is more filling and result in less food being consumed.

In the program, most of the participants lost weight and reduced their cholesterol levels even though they were on a high fat diet. The body is very efficient at converting excess carbohydrates into fat (especially Saturated fat), so it is a myth that we need to avoid saturated fats in our diet. I think it is more important to eat a balanced healthy diet and maintain your target weight.

I have also recently seen programs that seem to indicate that eating dairy products such as cheese, butter, yoghurt and milk are actually good for you from a health perspective. I personally avoid red meat as I prefer chicken and if I want to have mince I eat Turkey mince.

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Thank you for this SurreyMan, a very interesting post and article. I am restricting my calories but I am not following a low fat/high carb diet as I always have in the past. I have lowered the proportion of carbohydrates and raised the proportion of fat - I eat a range of fats - polyunsats, monosats and sats, from veg oils (olive and rapeseed), nuts, avocados, red meat, full fat cheese, eggs, and oily fish. The moderate amount of carbs I am eating are wholegrain complex carbs and I am eating some pulses. I have almost completely eliminated added sugar. I have about 2 pieces of fruit a day and 3+ portions of veg and green leaves. I am trying to avoid processed food and I am making most things from scratch most of the time. I am so enjoying my food and like you I feel really well satiated. I do not have cravings or extreme hunger. This does not feel like a 'diet' and I am loving being able to eat tasty, satisfying real food whilst losing weight.


Thanks Surreyman I have found the link useful and has given me some good info to rethink my current intake.


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