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Not a surprise

As expected I've put on weight as I was pretty stupid with my calorie intake last week. 2lbs but it has taught me a lesson as I won't be so lazy next time and will make more of an effort when I have temptation right under my nose. I'm going to study my notes on how I was losing my weight and I intend to lose at least 1lb next week. Off I go again!

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Hi eeek,

I'm sorry for the gain as you know I know how frustrating it can be 😦

But I also know how strong you are eeek, just put it down to experience and continue your good work.

Don't worry we all give into temptation now and again, it's okay Hun.

Don't forget about body flatuations between the day and week esp if it near that time of the month.

It's a new day don't dwell on what was concertrate on your good work you'll be doing this week 😀

Good luck with next weeks weigh in I get mine recorded at the gp's today.

Keep us updated as I want to see you smile next week x


Well done on your weight loss Babylegion. What a nice way to start a wkend and keep in that is mind so you will keep the loss off. I've just been to the docs and he sent me for an xray on my knee. Know the results in 7days time if I'm lucky. Do hope I'll be able to go for my little walks again. xx


Good luck with your knee eeek, at least they can find the cause and treatment I.e. Muscle, tendon, or sprain?

I know you can do it xx


I agree with that, concenrate on the week ahead and let the past be that - the past. Do not dwell on it for one minute. I have done the same and I promised myself to not do it again. It is a double whammy with not only putting on a couple of pounds it's the couple of pounds you might have lost if you stuck it out.

You just back on board and look forward to the next weigh-in. The best of luck.



Hi eeek,

That's a shame about your gain, especially after losing 3 last week, but it sounds like you know exactly where you have gone wrong so you can turn this into a positive and learn from it. I think it's easy to relax a bit too much if you have a bigger loss, I know I've been guilty of this!

Maybe for this week you should sit down for half an hour and plan all your meals for the coming week? Then do a shop and only get the stuff you need (I find online shopping less temping). That way you have a clear plan to stick to and it may get you back into the swing of it.

I know you can do it☺ best of luck hun 🌸


You are right Anna. I was uncomfortable about losing that 3lbs last week as I didn't know how I did it. It is best that I lose 1lb a week as I'll keep it off then. I can't plan or shop for meals as my hubby likes to see what he feels like on the day. Have to fit in with him as I want him to eat as he needs to put on weight. What a good little wifey I am! x


Hi Eeek1110,

I'm sure you'll lose that pound next week - just study those notes, and get back on track, and you'll do it.

Wishing you a great week ahead.

Lowcal :-)


Thank you Lowcal. Got to be positive! x

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