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Hi, I joined the measure up class by mine last week. Well the lady spoke about food labelling and gave me the traffic light card to help when shopping. I am going tomorrow but really don't think I have lost anything but that could be because she never explained ehat I should be doing. Help I have back problems, hypothyroidism and lately all I want to do is sleep! Keeping falling over and off the chair, any ideas that can help the weight lose and keep me awake. Thanks in advance x

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Lowering your insulin levels won't hurt. Eat a couple of portions (a portion being 2 or 3 tablespoons) from sweet potatoes, whole-oats, barley, sweetcorn, peas, quinoa, bulgur wheat, lentils, beans (from dry), barely ripe banana or dried apricots, along with some above ground vegetables at each meal. Eat less than a palm-size of fish, seafood, poultry, game, meat or eggs at each meal too. Make up the remainder of your kcalories from natural fat such as soft cheese, avocado, double cream, olives, meat fats (crackling, dripping, lard), hard cheese (includes protein), butter, coconut or nuts.

Keep your doctor informed of your sleepiness, and try to keep yourself safe.


Please, go and see your doctor, as soon as possible - if you are that sleepy, unless you are not getting enough rest, there may be other underlying causes. I have hypo too, and I kept feeling really tired even if the blood tests showed that the eltroxin dose was right - It came out that I do not metabolize B12, but there are different causes so do not delay. Take care

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I agree, go and see you GP, you could have sleep apnoea if you are constantly falling asleep and this needs checking out.


see your doctor! If your thyroid is being treated properly it should not stop you losing weight. Good luck.


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