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I'm stuck!! I refuse to weigh myself weekly so do it fortnightly and my weight hasn't budged for 4 weeks. I'm still eating really healthily, finding it easy to stick to my calorie allowance and I'm very briskly walking 8k every day (I run half of it)

I've lost 26lbs since I started this journey in January and feel fantastic, but I wouldn't mind shifting the same amount of weight again. Help please!!

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Hi Murraymint! Don't feel disheartened after four weeks... the main thing is that you are not gaining any of that weight you have already lost :)

My suggestions to kick start back into weight loss would be;

1) vary what kind of diet you are following, don't eat the same things every day/ week, otherwise your body may get used to eat

2) make sure you aren't tracking any foods wrongly- for example you may have miscalculated the number of calories in your portions

3) try to do different forms of exercise rather than following the same patterns each day

Hope that helps



Ah, ok, thank you. It's very easy to just eat the same things and I must admit I have been a bit errrm, shall I say 'relaxed' about calorie counting this week.



Well done on the weight you have lost!

Recent NICE guidelines shifted to encouraging a 3% weight loss, and aiming to maintain.

If you are exercising that intensely and long you really need to build in more time for your body to recover and improve its functional capacity.

When you say you are eating really healthily, if you eat most fruit, bread, potatoes, Weetabix, Shredded Wheat, Cornflakes, yoghurt or baked beans for instance you will have increased difficulty in burning fat.

Have you adjusted your intake to compensate for the weight you've lost?

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Yikes! So do you think I'm doing too much? I do have the odd day off here and there. I suffered a really horrendous bout of depression before Xmas and was determined to help myself feel better... that's why I started walking and I really feel quite lost if I don't get out.

What do I need to adjust? More carbs? Or less? I'm confused (it doesn't take much!)


Avoid the carbs listed above. Eat a couple of portions (a portion being 2 or 3 tablespoons) from sweet potatoes, whole-oats, barley, sweetcorn, peas, quinoa, bulgur wheat, lentils, beans (from dry), barely ripe banana or dried apricots, along with some above ground vegetables at each meal.

If you prefer to continue exercising every day, do alternate days at a much lower intensity/slower pace.

All the best!

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Brilliant, thank you :)


This is really good advice. Thank you


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