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i need your tips urgently

I'm really struggling, and losing hope because I still look the same. I'm worried because i think i'm losing muscle and not fat. It's been 4 months now, and whilst the scales say i am losing something, I am still wearing the same clothes and look exactly the same.

it's making me feel rubbish about everything. What should i be doing in terms of exercise? what do you guys do during the week, a mixture of cardio and strength? please share your wisdom, what is it you've been doing to lose that weight and see it physically. I have taken pics and measurements and they're not changing, esp the pics. I feel like i look the same.

please please please help me out here. I need your tips.

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It's my experience that if you are losing muscle through your diet then exercise alone will not counter this, in fact increasing cardio could accelerate it further. You need to look at the types of food you are eating, ensure you are getting a good quality source of protein and fat, and not just carbohydrates. Also check you are eating enough and if you decide to increase your exercise level then fuel it, don't allow it to increase your energy deficit further.


To develop most muscle necessitates resistance exercise done in a safe manner.

Cardio should be done every 24.2 hours to 4.5 days too, but only sufficient to improve functional capacity. Too much is as bad as too little as it can stress the body and cause muscle to breakdown if we train too intensely or too frequently. You may also eat more as a result of exercising.

Ultimately you have to watch your intake. Most people use between 400 and 600 kcalories per day from carbohydrate, and we should only eat sufficient to replenish that. Less than a palm-size of protein is necessary at each meal to maintain muscle. Most of what we eat (in terms of energy, not volume) should be natural fat, which is relatively inert and also doesn't stimulate the stress hormones that breakdown muscle.


I have lost 2 dress sizes and 6 kg in 6 months just by adding running to what I was already doing: reducing portion size (have always been a "real food" eater), walking swim and yoga...


They say that a clothes size is on average about 10 pounds. Have you lost substantially more than this? If not, it may be that you need to lose more before you start noticing a difference in your clothes.

Also have you been taking your measurements? I couldn't see a difference because I saw myself everyday so didn't notice the changes but the tape measure did.

In terms of exercise, I do cardio but the main thing which I think has helped me to see a difference in my shape is pilates and I try to do this twice a week (although I admit that sometimes it is only once).

I hope this helps.


I've not lost a pound nor an inch in over 4 months now. Its easy to get very despondent when nothing you do seems to have an effect on how you look BUT I'm having to switch around my thinking on this.

I do three days of strength training a week - legs, upper back and arms and chest with ever increasing weights or reps as I get used to a weight set. I do a brisk 30 min walk most days and am doing a c25k programme to prepare for Race for Life at the end of June. I do the c25k training on alternate days from the gym.

I eat veg and lean protein for my main meal, lunch is either a massive pile of stir fry veg and bit of protein or a large bowl of home made soup and brekkie is usually 30g porridge with 10g sultanas. Easy to keep at or below calorie allowance for me.

I'm still 4 stone over my healthy BMI but I'm *feeling* better and I'm stronger and I have more stamina to keep up with my 2 year old. That's why I keep going despite no visible changes!!

There may be all kinds of reasons you and I aren't losing weight or inches just now but that's no reason to throw in the towel.

Strength training is considered better for fat loss than just cardio as you maintain your lean muscle mass which helps support long term fat burning, and is good for your overall health. If you are a complete beginner I'd recommend seeing a trainer at a local gym for a programme of strength training to build and maintain lean mass.

If you're really concerned that you are doing everything right but still not seeing weight loss then go to your doctor, ask to see a dietician or for any other advice they may have. That's going to be my next port of call. My thyroid results came back normal so now after an additional 6 weeks of no results I will ask to see a dietician as, although my diet is healthy and within the calorie guidelines, there may be factors of which I am not aware.

Best of luck and I hope something shifts for you soon.


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