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Why I am on here

Hello all! I've done one bout of the 12 week weight loss plan and I lost 16 lbs. Great! However, the weight's creeping back on as I'm getting lazy and starting to think, Oh just one won't hurt etc etc. So, here I am. This time around I've decided to join the forum for motivation and encouragement. I need to lose weight because my BMI is staggeringly high and I don't look good. I do quite a bit of exercise- walking, gym twice a week, looking after 2 toddlers- but I eat too much. I want to set a good example to my daughters and I certainly don't want them ending up like me. I'm going on holiday with friends at the end of September and I want to have lost at least 10% of my current weight by then so I look better and feel healthier. Wish me luck!

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Hi welcome back, how long has it been since you finished your 12 weeks? and well done for losing 16 lb. I'm on week 5 and i find using the forum a big help, ive got my bmi down to the overweight range from obese so i'm very pleased with that just need to get to healthy now. Its good you have your holiday to work towards as a treat for losing weight that will keep you motivated i'm sure. Good luck with starting again at least you know this plan works.


Hey that's great about your bmi. You're definitely going in the right direction. Yes, you're right about this plan working and, the silly thing is, is that I enjoyed it and was really excited about my weight loss. You can see that I've started to tone up and that was great so I really just need to find that motivation again and get going! I finished the plan nearly 7 weeks ago. I can't believe it was that long ago, to be honest. Good luck to you, too. Keep going!


This is the very best you can do for your two little girls, because life long eating patterns do seem to be inherited from what you see when young. I wish you every success.


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