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Positive outcome

I suffer from osteoarthritis of the spine and hips and various other illnesses ! My weight was the biggest I have ever been but poor mobility wasn't helping as I struggled to walk. A visit to the doctor and a long chat about my depression and all other health issues made me aware I was not happy with myself . I asked Doctor about referral to a weight loss programme and was given 12 weeks to Slimming World!! I started this mid January and although the 12 weeks have gone I have continued to go as a paying client and to date I have lost 2stone and 4lbs. My mobility has not improved due to the severe pain I'm in BUT I am feeling good about myself!! I will continue to go until I have reached my goal (another 3stone) at least I'm smiling again

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Well done you. It is great that you've got such a positive attitude.


Great achievement. I also have mobility problems and find it hard sometimes I've just started again after falling behind. I'm going to practice what I preach. Hopefully. Xoxoxoxo


Well done!


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