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Week 2 weigh in 😢

So this week i have managed to put on the 3lbs i lost last week 😠! It is my own fault tho, i've done pretty much wot i wanted since thursday last week and i'm not gonna let it upset me! Don't get me wrong, i could kick myself but i had a fantastic weekend and its actually made me more determined to get that back off and get into the next stone bracket (7lbs away). I was back at gym since yesterday too so feeling good! Hope all you lovely people are doing better than i am! Xx

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Had a similar few days Ajajan but back to it today. My weigh in tomorrow and I expect to pay for my sins. I'm not upset with myself but annoyed as I knew it was stupid when I was stuffing my face. Just have to learn from it and do better next time. You too! x


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