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Hi. I've just discovered this part of the site (I'm already on the C25K site).

I'm 47 and have around 4 stone to lose. I was already one stone down by doing weight watchers - I joined in January. And I went down to a smaller size in my jeans (which do still fit but only just). But I really couldn't get on with the WW classes - I like the diet but I hate those meetings. So the diet has started to go by the wayside and I'm slowly starting to put it back on again.

I've had a stressful two or three weeks (excuses, excuses) with a bad back which has stopped me "running". I say that very loosely - I started the couch to 5k running app back in February and have been doing really well, albeit running very, very slowly. And then I did something to my back which stopped me. It seems fine again now, after a couple of visits to the chiropractor, but I'm struggling to get back to my running. I have just posted on the c25k site asking for someone to give me a great big kick up the bum. And to add to my stress and further fuel my comfort eating - it looks as though my youngest daughter (12) could have M.E.

So I've turned to comfort eating big style. I've put on at least 4lbs. I'm so cross.

So I've discovered this site and am coming looking for (and happy to give) support to get back on track and shift that weight.

I'm determined that I will not be fat and fifty. I've got 2.5 years to get my weight down and my fitness levels up.

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Welcome Debih191. This site is great for inspiration, motivation and advice. I joined WW online but found very few people posted on the forums so felt I wasted my money as I was looking for support and input from people like me.

I see you hurt your back and hope it is improving. I have chronic back pain and (at least for now) wouldn't consider running but walking is just as good it just takes longer. If you can manage a 40 minute walk a day that should make a big difference while you let you back heal properly.

Those recently gained pounds should come off quite easily and hopefully in the next couple of weeks you will be back to losing again.

I hope your daughter is ok and that you can find another way to manage the stress if she is not. I do wonder how slim people who don't smoke manage their stress levels with no obvious outlet?!

Anyway, all the best and try to keep checking in on this site as it is a great motivator:)


Hi Debih,

C25k will make you feel good, reshape and firm up your body but I don't believe will make you loose weight. It will just make you full of life and fit. It is a fantastic program. On the other hand Weight Watchers is just a temporary system. Their business is repeat business. Of course you loose weight, it does work but it is only temporary. As soon as you stop, weight will come back. It is my belief anyway.

My suggestion is to try the free NHS 12 weeks weight loss program. It works for me. Also a lot of people on this forum use an app called myfitnesspal to help them keep track.


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