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Back on track today!!

So the past week I have let the hole diet slide, thankfully I am looking at calories and counting them unknowingly, I haven't gone over 2300 a day and have maintained my weight.

Today I am getting back on track, think I'm going to try and tone up at the same time as I'm scared of saggy skin, anyone else feel like this? What have you been doing, any advice would be great.

Going back to 1200 cal and cutting all sugary food, junk food, takeaways as I manged to loose 4 kg in three weeks sticking to this, slow and steady I don't want to loose it to quick as I'm more likly to put it back on.

Back to my fitness pal recording everything as I don't record when I go over. Is it right to eat the calories you burn as it seems abit wrong to work out then eat it all back?

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Hi Samryan. On the saggy skin point, I did a bit of research on this and found that you need to take multi vitamins and drink plenty of water. Also try to use a moisturiser with elastin and do some resistance exercises - the ones where you use a giant elastic band. Not sure if any of this will work but it certainly won't do any harm.

Your calorie drop from 2300 to 1200 seems a lot, are you sure this isn't too much? Slower weight loss is likely to help in avoiding the saggy skin, but I am sure you know what is right for you:)

I generally don't eat back the calories I have burned doing exercise, I am not sure if that is the right thing to do but it is working for me. Having said that, last Saturday I walked 5.5km and then unexpectedly went out for a meal and on this occasion I ate every single one of those calories that I had burnt up earlier in the day. I was slightly annoyed with myself for not making a healthier choice when I got and saw the calories but it was too late by then - lol.

Hopefully now you have had a week off you will feel better about getting back on track again. Well done on the kgs you have lost and good luck losing the next lot.

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