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just joined :)

Hi there folks,

I have just signed up to the NHS 12 week weight loss support and thought it was time I braved writing my first post. I think I have been in denial about my weight gains but recently when I saw a horrendous photo of myself I decided enough was enough. 5 weeks ago I weighed myself in at 15st 3lbs and felt really tired and rubbish about myself. I am 5ft 7" and have managed to put on 5 stone in 5 years through stress and comfort eating my way through a number of traumas. I also got out of the habit of exercising which made matters worse. Having at last got started I have managed to lose 13lbs in 5 weeks through walking, healthy eating and cutting out a lot of bread and potatoes but I have to keep it going. That will be difficult so I thought that joining this forum and and sharing experiences with others trying to do the same may provide some support. I feel so much better just for losing that but I know that I have a long way to go. Biggest difficulty is trying to be sensible when I go out for a meal. I have been very good so far but this evening I am out with friends and we are going to a local italian restaurant and having looked at the

menu, my will power will be seriously stretched :/ Does anyone have any suggestions?

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Thank you euryleia. I think that is good advice. I have been very good so far today. I took my dog for a walk this morning and just had some soup for lunch so I think a break from thinking about the calories may do me some good :) I hope your weight loss journey is going well x


Hi and welcome :-) A big well done on your weight loss so far - you have done really well to lose so much in a short time. I am looking to lose about 5 stone so I know what you're facing but it's do-able if we just take it a step at a time :-)

My tips would be to be organised re the foods you have in the house, ditch junk food, don't snack unless you're actually hungry, cut way down on carbs, fill up on veg and, to a lesser extent, fruit and drink lots of water.

Re eating out, I tend to go for the fish option. My local Italian restaurant does a lovely salmon dish and I bypass the potatoes and have extra green veg. Healthy and really tasty :-)

You could do the 5:2 diet and eat what you like when eating out on your normal eating days and then have 2 days where you stick to 500 cals.

You should get lots of support on here so keep checking in with us all :-) Good luck!


Eat before you go!!


I think the NHS programme recommends choosing just a starter and dessert, or maybe just having the main course. Choose a fish dish if possible (not fried!) and if you're drinking make it Prosecco which has fewer calories than other wine. Enjoy your night out.

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Thank you, that is good advice :) i had a starter portion and dessert and it seems to work.


Hi BunnyBun. There's lots of help and support on here and I think it's the support that is so important so that we don't feel that we're struggling on our own. I look forward to following your posts. Best wishes x


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