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Mother of the Bride to be

Morning everyone

So glad to have found this forum to get some support with my weight loss

I've always struggled with my weight and have tried possibly every diet going! But I do have every intention of making this work over the next 12 weeks, in the first instance, and, hopefully, it will become a lifestyle change anyway. Any tips welcomed.

My daughter is getting married in July and I HAVE to lose weight to get into the dress I have bought! I want her to be proud of me on her big day which happens to also be my birthday!

Any support welcome


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Welcome Janeyha. You should find lots of support, inspiration and advice on here. I would suggest popping on this site daily to help you remain focussed it does seem to help. You have a lovely reason to slim down. Good luck!


Thank you!


Good luck Jane on the start of your 12 week plan, I'm starting myself today.

Like yourself i want this to be a lifestyle change.

Good luck on this plan, your going to look fabulous in the dress, and remember your Daughter is always going to be proud of you.

Have a great week,are you going to be including any exercise in your plan, i have bought a pedometer and want to start walking a lot more, any plans yourself.

Leta hope this time next week we will be reporting a nice loss. xx


Thank you! I started the couch to 5k running podcast yesterday, hard but felt good afterwards. I'll keep you posted about how this goes.

Good luck to you too!


You've got what you need, a really strong reason to make it work. Advice, try and get any exercise you can, if I'm feeling hungry between meals I pop out for a walk, there's always something I need from the local shop even if it's just a can of diet coke. Good luck and just take one day at a time. Never give up. Xx


Thanks for the advice Max. Good luck to you too!


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