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Excel Tracker

Put together an excel chart to track calories in and calories out. It might be a bit crude but feels good to be on top of it. I've also found a calorie discovery site and Map My Run site to track the calories out. It seems to be feeling good doing this. Only day three and 2 stone to go. The game is on.

Here are the sites:



Anyone tracking in a different way?

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I was using mapmywalk but now I have a GPS watch which I love. However, despite adding my correct weight they both gave quite different results in respect of calories burnt, so not sure how accurate they are. The GPS watch also takes into account hills but recorded the lesser calories. As a rule I don't eat the calories I burn anyway but it is just good to know:)


Great - thanks. Yes I'm finding the calorie inaccuracy with everything quite curious. Beginning to realise that everything is an approximation.


For home cooking there's Cook & Count app, the only one that works properly for cooking any recipe from scratch :)


Great - thank you. It looks great. Will be using from now on.


Why not just use MyFitnessPal - much easier - and don't count the calories you burn, they're a bonus. I lost three stone in six months with the 5:2 Diet and it's stayed off since April 2013.


Will look into it . Thank you. A few people have said, 'don't count the calories you burn' I'm not sure I understand what everyone means - don't keep track of them?


It simply means that you don't eat back your exercise calories. So if you burn calories through exercise you don't then eat a bar of chocolate as a reward! Or not if you want to lose weight. ;)

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Ah ok, makes complete sense although obviously disappointed :-)


I use an excel spreadsheet every day and find it really helpful. I sometimes calculate everything before I cook dinner, so if I've eaten more calories earlier in the day I can plan dinner more easily.


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