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Going to a friend's for dinner

Hi all

While I am doing okay at sticking to the plan when I eat at home I really struggle when I go to see friends for dinner. I get married in 7 and a half weeks and have quite a lot of dinner dates in the diary, including tonight. It's fine when we eat at a restaurant or when people come to us as I can choose the menu carefully but when we go to someone else's house I tend to entirely forget about mindful eating, instead eating all the lovely food and drinking all the lovely wine that is put in front of me! Does anyone have any tips on how to manage social situations like this? Any thoughts would be very much appreciated :-)

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Have you thought of trying 5:2? It's really great and allows for a bit of feasting (in moderation!)


Eat the same size portions that you would at home?


Be honest and upfront about the fact that you are trying to lose weight, you'll find true friends and family should be accommodating.

Ask your host to give you a smaller portion, this will also mean they won't be offended if you leave anything. Maybe drive, if that's an option so that you don't feel obliged to drink wine.


I'm sure your friends will understand that you want to look your best for your wedding day so you could ask them all to somehow make a joke of it and keep you on the straight and narrow. You could sit there eating mainly vegetables and they can all laugh at you while they enjoy all the lovely grub. No yummy puddings for you. Just an apple maybe. Maybe it's a silly idea but my family do it to me and enjoy it. They love me really! :)


Congrats on your up coming wedding. If their close friends or family explain that your following a new eating plan for your wedding (most mates will understand this) 😉 say to them how much you love their cooking but on this occasion is it possible to ask for something different to usual(it's best to phone them before the night lol)

Also a glass of wine won't hurt as long as it's a glass lol...

Ask for smaller portions and ask if maybe they can give you a side salad as well...

Mostly as it will make you feel fuller.

Although you may be worried about hurting people's feelings, I can tell you my friends prefer me being honest to them so they know I'm happy too.

Have a wonderful wedding day and good luck on your journey x


Thank you all so much for your helpful posts. Last night's meal was good as it was serve yourself so got to have a smaller portion without anyone noticing. Next meal out is on Saturday and I think for that one it makes good sense to follow advice and tell her that I am trying to lose a bit of weight for the wedding. Hopefully she'll take it on board and with my own efforts at eating smaller portions/avoiding temptation of second helpings and keeping an eye on the wine consumption I will be able to wake up on Sunday without an enormous hangover and guilt over eating far too much!


I was going to suggest 5:2 as well as it fits in so well around anyone's social life. Instead of having to eat low calories every day you just have 500 calories on two non-consecutive days a week. I lost three stone in six months that way. More importantly, when I got to my goal weight I switched to just 'fasting' one day a week and the weight has stayed off since April 2013.

This little video explains more


do the healthy thing and I bet some will follow your good lead, and others will secretly wish they had Remind yourself of key rules - choose wisely, No thanks can't send the outfit for alterations, eat slowly, enjoy the conversation and relationships.


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