MFP red line chart?

Help please! I remember someone writing they liked seeing the red line going down on the measurement chart in MFP app. I can't find it, can anyone advise where it is please and how I get to it?

Am pleased to write that I am now back down in weight to what I was few weeks ago before "things" starting getting to me. We may have turned a corner in so many areas that my weight progress is hopefully on the way down-aiming [again] to be in my next stone when I fill in my weight box next week. Have changed box to st.lbs, save having to convert weight to lbs each time.


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14 Replies

  • Hi if you click on reports it on there.

    Well done for sticking with it and getting back down to the weight you were before, i'm sure you will see the numbers on the scales going down now. Hope you have a great week.

  • what do you go into first h24? I can't find "reports". Its as I have just written to Anna999 and Fibronfedup even though I can put in weight,BMI, neck size etc but can't find graph??

  • I log into myfitnesspal and i have then got my home, food, exercise,reports,apps,community and blog on the top in blue and i click on reports and it comes up with charts and reports you then choose a report and it says progress and has a drop down menu with weight, neck waist and other things. The graph is pretty rubbish tho i think.

  • Oh well if its rubbish I'll just stick to putting in weight and measurements. Thanks

  • Maybe its different when you download the app but ive just got one red line on my pc.

  • I've given up trying to find it, I'll draw my own on paper! LOL

  • Its under progress in the main menu, its a handy tool to see your loss going down

  • Cant find progress in main menu. I go into home and then weight, little scales with blue cross but no graph??

  • Menu on the left, select progress and you can change between weight, hips, waist, neck, with the drop down top right and if you click the plus on the blue bar top right you can add a new entry 😊 I love the graph lol! Good to see that line going down down down! 🌸

  • I do that Anna999 but no graph??

  • Oh, the graph comes up on mine as soon as I click on progress? Are you using it as an app/on pc? Mines on Android app, maybe they're slightly different? 🌸

  • I use it on this comp, it doesn't show the word progress either. Maybe they are different on mobile and comp. Will see what happens if I put it on mobile.

  • Yes, maybe try downloading the app I've not used it on the pc so not sure what it's like. The app is quite useful as has a bar code scanner too to save you searching for products or entering values manually! 🌸

  • thanks,will do.

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