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Being off is bad for youb

Being off sick is bad for you.... Short hospital visit followed by 2weeks recovery .. Everyone has been lovely , and had lunch out every day .. Few of them boozy .. Diet has completely gone out of window .. But it has made me realize in a big way , how I've ended up 2stone overweight ... I have averaged 2500/3000. Calls a day ... And if I'm honest that is me still trying to be goodish !?!?

Determined to get back on those scales and start today as day one .. I was feeling so good until this set back . Seriously don't want another stone creeping up and jumping in. It's bad enough looking in the mirror as it is .. Sorry gripe over !!!!!

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Hello forget about the last few weeks and start again today, you know where you have been going wrong so i'm sure you can get going again. Well done for saying you havnt done so well now time to turn it around so this time next week you can tell us all how much you have lost. Hope you have a good week , you can do it.


Thank you jh24 ... Just what I needed to hear ....

Day 1 here we go .. X

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