That Sugar Film

That Sugar Film

Interesting, entertaining and powerful film. A must see.

A real eye opener telling you what sugar really does to your body. It blows your mind on the amount of damage it does to us. We had an inkling but did not realised how bad it is. People think they are eating healthy when they are actually poisoning themselves.

The film is about this very healthy normal guy going on an experiment for 60 days and eating food that people would consider healthy, like low fat and healthy breakfast cereals, fruit juices and so on.

He put on 8.6kg in 60 days with the same calorie intake. He gets borderline diabete 2. He gets fatty liver and It also affects his mood and behaviour. He gets highs then lows. Jumps up and down then is lethargic. Although he ate a lot, he was always hungry.

The film has also a small section on an aboriginal community where their only food intake is from a supermarket and where a lot of people dies by 40. The film moves on to the USA and Kentucky where children as young as 2 and 3 need a dentist to sort out their rotten teeth. Pepsie has a drink called Mountain Dew which is addictive in a sense that within 20minutes people have to drink more.

Sugar is a 50 Billion dollars industry and those big companies have paid researchers to write reports in favour of sugar. The government then accepted those reports and go pro sugar, dieticians and other food specialists as well as health groups like heart foundation and more also receive payments in exchange for accepting sugar and trying to dispel worries.

People are then told that they are fat because they are lazy and eat too much when in reality it is the sugar.

It is unbelievable.

Considering the amount of money big companies get from adding sugar to their product, I am amazed this film is showing. I would have thought somehow those companies would have had it banned.

All the above are my opinion from viewing That Sugar Film. I would like to see it again as there is a lot of information and will for sure get it if it ever goes on DVDs

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11 Replies

  • Thank you so much for reviewing the film for us!! I'd love to see it but it isn't showing in the UK yet! It is very eye opening to hear how these companies have monopolised the marketplace getting everyone addicted to their product! And amazing that the chap could experience such dramatic changes in his health in a relatively short period of time! Was there any follow up on his health after returning to his no added sugar diet? 🌸

  • Yes,Anna, the follow up was that it took him two months to revert to his healthy self. During those two months, he had problem sleeping, shocking headaches, mood swing. Withdraw symptoms I suppose. Write down in your diary as a "must see". It is not boring but very entertaining. One bit, I looked away was when a 17years old Kentucky youth with just a few rotten stubs left in his mouth was getting all those removed to be replaced with full dentures. Because of an infection in his gum, the anaesthetic was not working. It was only a minute but I did not want to see it. Pepsi Mountain Dew drink is overloaded with caffeine and sugar. I forgot how many spoons.

  • Wow! Well at least there is a positive message there that the result of having abused our bodies with sugar is reversible! I've never tried mountain dew, always think it looks revolting, isn't it that neon green colour?! Unfortunately the effect on teeth is equally as much of a problem over here, having been a dental nurse in the past I have seen all sorts, including as young as 3 year olds having all their teeth extracted as they're so rotten. And this is in a relatively wealthy area with good access to NHS dental treatment etc It's shocking! My OH is a teacher also and the canteen there is still full of burgers/chips/cans of coke. Unfortunately better knowledge does not seem to have affected any changes as of yet! It is defo on my must see list! 😊🌸

  • I used to work in a primary school before retiring and I remember Coca Cola here Would supply a free fridge if we would fill it up with coca cola for sale to the kids. Admin was interested but in the end it got knocked back. However the children could buy juices or cordial which were not really good when you think: two a day - 5 days a week.

  • Fat Head The Movie wasn't screened in the UK as far as I know either (although you can see it on you tube).

    I think that whilst your remark about big companies is poignant, the internet makes it much more difficult to hide things.

  • You are correct there Concerned. On the other hand, it would be easy to put in fake reports.

  • You're correct too nhs2015. Notwithstanding that, we can challenge reports and dogma; it's difficult to challenge what we're unaware of.

  • Hi this is really interesting I have now started watching Fat Head on YouTube and have ordered That Sugar Book from my local library

  • Actually Anna, I don't really know if the effect of sugar can be fully reversed. This film had so much information, for people like me it was mind boggling. I wonder about the fatty liver bit. But then if it could not have been reversed, the guy would not have done the experiment for sure.

    In my experience, since cutting sugar, my aches and pains have gone. we were also discussing that I have had no night cramps in my legs for months. It was something I often had to put up with at night and mostly whenever I went on a diet.

    Thirty eight years ago, I took a liking to Asti Spumante. Living on a tropical island at the time with a lot of social life, I used to guzzle the stuff! Joint pains were terrible and it is when I was told by a medical person that I had arthritis. Over the years it would flare up now and again to eventually all the time, more in winter. Now it is gone!

    Again, I don't know what did it but it sure made a big difference to my life.

  • I knew it was a good film because from the reviews and the clips I have seen, as well as being educational it's also done in a way to entertain, which is why a lot of these types of films don't normally reach the masses because to be honest they are boring and don't connect at a level that most can understand.

    We'll know doubt be the last to get it in the UK because of all the licensing red tape we have, I've been waiting to see The Widowmaker for what seems like an age, it's all over the globe via streaming including Ireland but not in the UK.

  • Yes "that sugar film" was good to see. I am glad you point it out. My husband told me he had seen a write up in a magazine a couple of weeks ago and told me about it but I had not paid attention.

    If Ireland shows films not in the UK as yet, there is your excuse for a good weekend. It would be my excuse anyway 😉

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