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cholesterol and statins

Just to add my word on this subject as it important to note that not only the carbo ans sugar guzzlers suffer from high bad cholesterol; it can also be due to hereditary reasons, which is my case, I tried all to reduce my HDL but to no avail, it has stayed stable at 6.5 and 7.74 mmol/total for many years; triglycerides between 1.99 g/l and 1.49 g/l. I eat very healthily and no cakes, butter, processed foods.... for over a year. So?

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I agree with you, that's why I support the use of statins. must be frustrating to adapt your diet etc and see no changes in the blood results! The only thing I'll add is that exercise is also an important factor in vascular health. Though it is LDL that is the one that should be lower. Maybe you'll find the dietary adaptations more effective while taking statins and it will just need to be a temporary thing. I wish you all the best🌸


thanks for your answer; will keep up avoiding butter and eggs as they make me feel ill, same for gluten. But proteins I agree with you.


Statins and what the doctor did not tell you. IF YOU START TO GET LEG CRAMPS AT NIGHT---- STOP TAKING THE STATINS AT ONCE!

I was not told and continued for two weeks after the first with crippling results that took years to disappear.

The drug trial was fatally flawed in that all 32 000 participants were given a placebo for 4 weeks then statins for four to six weeks after that the 8 000 people who decided not to comtinue with the trial (guess they experienced the same as me) were discarded from the trial.

The figures for adverse side effects were taken from the 24 000 still willing to continue. Of couse you may be in the 75% that were unharmed but be aware.


Really? I had terrific cramp in my leg last night, so I'll speak to the doctor about it. The last lot of statins gave me stomach pains..... so not too happy with statins, didn't need much to convince me that alternative methods are better. Shall start my garlic pills soon.


Thanks, indeed the horrible tub stuff I never use, I do use coconut oil for cooking and olive oil. I live in France and diet is a little different from the UK , I'ill look up Lutz for further reference.


Indeed that's what I thought but the specialist I saw was adamant that I take statins to lower the bad cholesterol. Am following a high protein diet but no or very little bread and gluten very low sugar, rice and beans and spuds good for me. Thanks for your input


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